We never compromise on quality or settle for good enough performance. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. If you have never cooked with All-Clad before, you may be surprised by how efficient it is.Start using your All-Clad on a low flame for all applications except boiling. To avoid salt damage, do not add salt to your food until the liquid begins to boil. Or, add salt after food has started to cook. FOLLOW US. Repeat if needed, allowing the paste to soak on the ovenware before scrubbing. By continuing to use the website, you agree to these updated Terms. This can be used on the interior, as well as the exterior of your All-Clad. Nonstick items are not grill safe, but can be put in the oven up to 500°F/ 260°C, All-Clad makes premium cookware. For tough to clean spots or marks, like burnt fat, protein shadows and charred food, clean with nonabrasive, non-chlorine cleanser, like All-Clad cookware cleaner, Bar Keeper's Friend* or Bon Ami*, Form a paste with the cookware cleanser and a small amount of water. Discover what it means to cook with All-Clad’s most popular cookware collection–All-Clad Stainless is a classic choice for anyone who loves to cook. Please also refer to the 'Use & Care' section of this page.​. Automatically applied at checkout. Shop All-Clad ® d3 Stainless Steel 2-qt. Saucepan with Lid. Do I need to rinse the pan before first use? Heat pot or pan for one to two minutes over low or medium heat. Wash in hot, soapy water, dry immediately. Use a nylon scouring pad for more difficult cleaning. With high, straight sides and a smaller surface area, the sauce pan holds heat well and Always keep oven gloves handy to prevent burning your hand. Low to medium heat is recommended for optimal cooking performance. It is recommended that before you use your Stainless Steel All-Clad you wash it in the dishwasher first to remove any manufacturing residues and this will help to keep it shiny. Clean your All-Clad thoroughly after each use. Rinse in hot water and dry thoroughly. For fast and efficient cleanup, line ovenware with parchment paper before baking or roasting. This means that it purchases its metals only from US suppliers and bonds them at its own rolling mill on-site in Canonsburg PA. Apply paste using a soft cloth. The same enthusiasm and creativity cooks put into every dish they make, we put into every piece of cookware we make. Oven and broiler safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. What is the stainless cooking surface in All-Clad cookware made of and how is it tested to ensure quality? Rinse with warm water and dry immediately to prevent spotting. D3 Stainless 3-ply Bonded Cookware, Sauce Pan with Porcelain Double Boiler and lid, 2 quart, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, 2 qt Sauce Pan, 1.5 qt Porcelain Insert and Lid, Double boiler with 2 Qt. Products can be returned within 45 days. Rinse off any excess food with warm water. ​The polished stainless steel exterior of All-Clad Stainless requires very little care. The strength & beauty of stainless steel with the conductivity of aluminum for fast & even heating. The saucepan can also be used on its own to reheat, cook, or make sauces. There are areas in which All-Clad does not manufacture in the USA. Use a nylon scouring pad for more difficult cleaning. Add food for frying. stainless-steel saucepan and 1.5 Qt. Yes. The classic sauce pan is a versatile essential found in a variety of sizes in every well-equipped kitchen, and it can be used with or without its lid to control evaporation. It may be polished with one of the available commercial stainless steel cleaners, rubbing in a circular motion. This All-Clad D3 Stainless Steel 3-Quart Sauce Pan with Lid is an essential tool to let your inner chef out, from preparing cozy family dinners to cooking for guests with confidence. To get rid of stuck-on food or discolouration, and stains from using too high a heat, we recommend cleaning your All-Clad with a specialist stainless steel cleaning product called 'Bar Keeper's Friend'. The pure aluminum core covers the bottom of the pan and also extends up the sides. Apply the paste using a soft cloth or sponge, rubbing in a circular motion. If the sound that food makes on initial contact with the pan is more of a crackle than a sizzle, your heat is too high and sticking may occur. The 'Stainless Steel' collection is completely dishwasher-safe. To no longer receive information and special Offers from All-Clad. The stainless Steel collection is All-Clad's best-selling cookware and the choice of professional and discriminating cooks acrosse the world. Food films, if not removed, will cause discoloration on the pot when it is reheated. All-Clad has a policy of manufacturing all of its bonded cookware in the USA. All-Clad recommends low to medium heat for frying, braising, sautéing and simmering because All-Clad is ideally crafted to hold heat. Its porcelain insert nests inside the saucepan, creating indirect heat—perfect for foods that have a tendency to seize or separate over direct heat. tools, accessories).- On regular non-bonded components where making them in the USA would add to the retail price but not generally to performance.- Where manufacturing constraints exist at the Canonsburg plant (E.g electrical kitchen appliances).4. Cook With a 2 Qt. The bonded construction and superior heat distribution help prevent scorching, which can be a problem with this style of stovetop when using other brands of cookware. Shop All-Clad ® d3 Stainless Steel 2-qt. Privacy Policy page. Thank you to give us your e-mail, we will send you your password by e-mail, You didn’t connect to the AllClad web site since one year. Every All-Clad d3 piece is compatible with all cooktops, including induction, and comes with All-Clad's signature lifetime warranty. This means that it purchases its metals only from US suppliers and bonds them at its own rolling mill on-site in Canonsburg PA. By clicking on "Accept", closing this pop-up banner, or continuing to use our website, you consent to the placement and use of cookies. Rinse in lukewarm water. Repeat if needed, allowing the paste to soak on the ovenware before scrubbing. Pitting does not interfere with cooking performance but can diminish the beauty of the stainless steel. Every All-Clad d3 piece is compatible with all cooktops, including induction, and comes with All-Clad… D3 Stainless 3-ply Bonded Cookware, Sauce Pan with lid, 1 quart, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Three ply, bonding extends throughout pots and pans – all the way to the rim, Thick aluminum core transfers heat efficiently for even browning without hot spots which cause sticking, Stainless steel cookware interior and exterior resist warping and clean-up beautifully over a lifetime of use, 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface is highly polished for stick resistance and is also non-reactive , preserving food’s natural flavors, Permanetly Secured : Stainless steel handles are permanently secured with stainless steel rivets, Starburst Finish: Highly polished cooking surface with starburst finish offers stick resistance and easy maintenance, plus won’t react with food, Capacity: Capacity is etched on the pan’s base, Dishwasher safe and compatible for all cooking surface. Expertly melt chocolate, whisk up egg-based sauces, or keep gravy warm with this All-Clad Stainless 42025 2-quart sauce pan with double boiler. To us, cooking to perfection is more than just a saying, it's our mission. Rub in a circular motion from the centre outward. Also never put cold water into a hot pan or plunge hot cookware in cold water. ​Before using for the first time, wash in hot, soapy water with a sponge or dishcloth. 'Copper-Core' can be put in the dishwasher but it may result in some tarnishing of the copper band around the exterior. Can be used with or without its lid to control evaporation. LIKE US. It then forms them at the same location into high performance cooking vessels.2. For daily cleaning, warm, soapy water is sufficient. ​​. Sudden changes of temperature may cause the metal to warp, resulting in an uneven base. Because our cookware is built to hold heat and distribute it well, you will find that low temperatures using All-Clad are comparable to medium to medium-high settings using other cookware brands.When preparing to sauté or fry, preheat your cookware a minute or two on a low setting.

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