I really enjoy the small town feel, but it is also nice that we have access to Detroit and if you are up to a big adventure Chicago is only 4 hours away! It has to have everything that will make you happy. —Submitted by tianzhonghair, "Amazing street food, various unique parties, cool people, lots of festivals, plus a beautiful city = everything you need." (The lowest unemployment rate resulted in the best employment score.) The places where I can go eat. A lot of different non-profits and fields exist here, making it a great place to be professionally. The green spaces in the city are always near by- offering a slice of nature at your leisure. Austin is the capital of Texas and is a hotbed for State and Federal governmental careers. Here's the list of the top 50 cities for millennials, along with some surprising stats from the study. A canal in Amsterdam, which ranked highest for LGBT friendliness. Also this is a refugee state. Liz Torres . It also considered the availability of Uber and the existence of a way to access bike sharing. Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? Not only do I feel safe in my home, there are plenty of parks and trails nearby to take my dog on a walk. With city regulations, it ensures that the city remains vibrant without compromising on his history. It's a melting pot of cultures, religions, race, and walks of life. , 13 European Cities 30-Somethings Will Love, The CDC Has Recommended Against Traveling For Thanksgiving, 5 Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling During the Holidays, According to Experts, 12 Travel Trends to Know About For When We Can Safely Hit the Skies (and Road) Again, Mapping Holidate's Filming Locations — So You Can Hunt Down Your Own Jackson, I Visit a Real-Life Hallmark Christmas Movie Town Every Year, and It's as Magical as You'd Expect, 10 Real-Life Towns Where Hallmark Christmas Movies Were Filmed. This nomadic generation is willing to look far and wide for the best the world has to offer. Of all the cities on our list, Lincoln has the best combination of low rents and positive job prospects. There are countless forests, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls, parks, and rivers all in easy driving distance, and there's outdoor fun year round if you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or the like. —Submitted by maddieh41f19ef50, "The cost of living is fantastic for twentysomethings fresh out of college. With city regulations, it ensures that the city remains vibrant without compromising on his history. I highly recommend living here. The winter occasionally yields snow, and the summer sees sunny days occasionally nearing even ninety degrees. We don’t need to tell you that Seattle is the coffee capital of the world, so you’ll always have a place for a cute little date. However residential streets are not really affected just avenues. Our son grew up here. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. The high rise buildings are spaced apart to allow natural light to illuminate the city. Contrary to popular belief, I have found Bostonians a friendly bunch! But when it comes time for meeting a guy you can date, SLC has them in spades too—it’s been ranked the second best city in the country to meet single men over 35. The location is very convenient for commuters to NYC. From Lodo to Rino and the Highlands to Stapleton, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, breweries, and dispensaries to choose from! © Copyright 2015 - 2020 moveBuddha LLC. —Submitted by jennacaye, "Hands down, NYC. Based on everyone's experience, what are the best cities single women in their 30's to try to find a partner? It is filled with work opportunities and a variety of community events. In addition, by and by, you're essentially minutes from the National Harbor and the activities there at the MGM Grand and the rest of the national harbor. It is just a short drive from Atlanta populated with anything from families, to up and coming young professionals. The United Kingdom is a land of contrasts. They are warm in their demeanour and are proud to show you around their amazing city! If you want to live somewhere with fun activities and over 300 days of sunshine, Denver is the place for you!Read 950 Reviews, Current Resident: I moved to Pittsburgh from Jacksonville, Florida about two years ago and not a day goes by that I'm glad I made the move. | Lyon, France: This historic city in France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region ranked top for health, meaning access to decent healthcare and fitness options. The high rise buildings are spaced apart to allow natural light to illuminate the city. TELL US JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT YOUR MOVE: Please insert your contact details and we will get back to you with an estimated price and the best match for your move using our partner site verifiedmovers.com. A view of nightlife-friendly Berlin at night, with the word "party" written in sparkling light.... [+] (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock). I understand that my consent is not a requirement for any purchase. If the state can't house its own why do they keep letting people in from other countries? Here you have ordinary suburbia (regions like Kingstowne), you have outstanding Old Town, excellent neighborhoods like Del Ray, and you have monstrous regions of locales in those decisions. As a high school student, the student body at my school is incredibly diverse, I have friends from Romania, India, Poland, Spain, and many other countries. The Twin Cities take the No. There needs to be better action to spread the wealth and invest in all areas of the city so all demographics can benefit from a safer, cleaner, modernized neighborhood.Read 265 Reviews, Current Resident: I have been living in Atlanta for 18 years now and I absolutely love it! Cupertino schools are truly top notch. Millennials don't feel a need to stay in the U.S. Everything a millennial could want, Austin pretty much has. It's also super diverse, which I love as someone from a Pakistani background! So which are the best ones for millennials to live in? Tailored Moving Process for Each Customer. Yes, the city is a stunning representation of architectural feats and modern marvels but Chicagoans are most proud to be known for our welcoming nature. Pittsburgh has a warm, friendly culture with so much history. With quick access to the mountains via i-70, Denver is a great home base for all of your mountain adventures! Residing in Seattle, I get all the benefits of a big city (good food, entertainment, a variety of schools, public transportation, job opportunities, etc...) while maintaining easy access to the beautiful nature of Washington state. I appreciate the items like gloves,scarves, hats that are received for no charge. I have been living in Atlanta for 18 years now and I absolutely love it! Overall the city is very diverse in demographics and attractions. Though it has the least favorable gender ratio for women on our list, Dallas makes up for it with a booming economy and nightlife. It is very clean, the neighborhoods are well kept, and the school system is highly rated. John Forelli is a Philadelphia native who studied economics at the College of New Jersey. A sweet and enjoyable small town! You get to know your neighbors and everyone is super friendly. The well known Lollapalooza festival is just the tip of the iceberg. Gorgeous architecture and history, incredible opportunities for all kinds of different activities in fields such as art, culture, various kinds of cuisines, numerous parks and of course, the beach, make San Francisco a multi-faceted city. There's always something to do here: lots of farmers markets, festivals, all the free museums and attractions, lots of open, free outdoor space. Interesting to note is how our country fared: No U.S. city made it into the top 25.

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