Through these dealers, businesses can purchase bulk orders. My first experience with blank skateboards was tragic. This is just a few I could locate. The farther north the tree is harvested, the harder the Sugar Maple will be.”. A million decks later, we still manufacture pro-quality skateboards for companies and individuals who remain loyal to American skateboarding. This deck is made of 7 plies natural Canadian maple wood. Glue plays a vital role as there’s a whole science behind it. I’m unclear what goes on in the development process overseas. Maybe there’s a reason you can relate as well. Kids 5-10 start off with sizes 7.5” wide and 31.3” long for example. Bamboo skateboards are gaining popularity. Its Construction includes a 7-ply structure to provide you a solid platform. It is available in different colors to choose from. 4.3 out of 5 stars 113. I’m always open to article ideas, and photos to share on my site. Natural Blank Skateboard Deck by Moose, 9. This blank skateboard deck ensures to provide you required pop more than required by skaters. We sell everything from uncut blanks to custom graphic decks. If skating is your passion and you want to write your views on skateboards then nothing can be better than having blank skateboard decks. The length isn’t a big deal as much as width. The specifications of this skateboard deck manufactured by a trusted brand include mild concave, 8 ply maple wood, 27” x 7.75” size, 14.25” wide base and functional kicktail. 10. NEED HELP? Advancing will help better understand your perfect fit. Skate shops that are open and friendly are awesome. $10.00 skateboards, better than wholesale! Brand names help build upon funding events, sponsor skaters and grow business. Other brands from them are Powell Paralta, and Bones. Are other materials being manipulated, but marketed as 100% hard-rock maple? Our Blank Skateboard decks are the perfect choice for creating your own skateboard artwork. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. Material used in Construction: Normally skateboard decks are made of wood. Grid  4.6 out of 5 stars 77. Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Decks, Set of 3. Blanks are also manufactured by a smaller mom and pop shops. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Whatever the reason, you can have this done for a reasonable price. Decks are diverse in terms of shape, proportion, and concave level. CALL 01837 55778 For a few dollars more yo USA I had to wait 2 weeks for 10 blanks to arrive… only to know they ended up on someone else’s doorstep halfway across the country. wholesale blank skateboard decks USA! A popular size is an 8.5 skateboard deck. ), Fastest Skateboard Wheels For Every Terrain. The best blank skateboard decks are shop decks.You will locate these at your local skate shop if accessible. FREE Shipping. We also offer custom printed skateboards with your graphics made on demand. It is stained with different colors to choose from as per your style. You may not have a local skate shop or they may not carry custom decks. This outline will show you an insight of what I mean. They will go as far as ordering products you, give you discounts, or free skate sessions. But buying the best blank skateboard decks may not be easy for beginners as they are available with various price tags from a number of companies. I’ll give a couple resources for you. One reason being cost reduction. Blanks don’t develop from the same source though. Manufacturers over the ages have outsourced. Concave options: Various levels of concave are accessible to fit your style. Pay attention to products providing warranties on factory defects such as warping or splitting. They advertise these in blank format. As far as decks you see for $15-$25, you get what you pay for and that’s a mystery you can dare uncover. I could encompass this topic in another article as it is a very detailed. While buying the blank skateboard decks you will have to keep certain things in your mind like: Level of your skill: The first thing you should consider while buying blank skateboard decks is the level of your skill. $30.99 $ 30. $56.99 $ 56. Our Privacy Policy Creator includes several compliance verification tools to help you effectively protect your customers privacy. Reviews have mentioned bamboo isn’t stiff like maple, but flexible.Depending on your preference, you may enjoy this. How To Buy A Skateboard In 9 Simple Steps, The Best Age To Start Skateboarding Before A Midlife Crisis, Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave (What’s The Difference? NEED HELP? Skip right to the front of the line buying directly from a skateboard facory. I’ve written a passage on the strongest skateboard decks, where I cover a variety of industry leading tech. This skateboard deck is ideal for cruising and tricks due to its trusted brand and original shape. It is available in three standard sizes and various colors to choose from as per your skill level. Your source for wholesale skateboard decks at cheap factory direct prices. This blank skateboard deck is completely made of Canadian maple because of the lightweight and impact-resisting strength of this wood. Let’s turn with the reasons to buy one. There is no need to place too much emphasis on this as a beginner. Looking to bulk buy blank skateboard decks? A typical deck comprises 7-ply hard-rock maple veneers. If skate shops get personalized artwork done, can anyone? Complaints over lower quality products surface throughout the community.

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