For those customers who leverage our 3-in-1 technology with managed services, a live person in our Ohio office will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, when you dial *123. If you’re eligible for your AARP discount card, it’s tempting to assume that every business is eager to offer you discounts. Dish TV Cable Plans For Seniors. The cable TV provider lends services at an affordable price of $59.99. Yes, you can add additional channels by either expanding your system or swapping out channels. The Sentrics voice solution includes expanded 911 capabilities to direct emergency services right to a resident’s apartment. They’re working hard to change that as they’ve received several national awards for their cable operation and ISP in the last two years. Residents can port as many phone numbers as they’d like. Call your local cable company. Making a list of your preferred list of channels ahead of time will help the price quoting process when ... 2. Just a helpful person trained to handle any issue you have. You can resolve most TV programming issues by pushing the reset button on the EGATE360. As for their cable TV plans, there isn’t a specific senior discount, but they do offer a $10 discount if you’re bundling a lower-speed Internet package with TV services.5, Even though there’s no specific senior discount offered, AT&T offers a huge variety of TV and Internet plans, so you can choose how to watch your favorite programs. Copyright © 2020 System1 LLC, All Rights Reserved. Communities that choose to use local voice services can still use the local feed that comes into the building; we simply patch it over to the rooms that want that service. For example, their Senior Nation cell plan is one of the cheapest plans they offer. We recommend that every community take advantage of our managed services when they purchase tv, internet, and voice services from Sentrics. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. If you’re an existing customer with AT&T, you can see that they’ve made an effort to attract and retain senior customers through various targeted programs and plans. Residents can continue to source their TV if desired. Spectrum (which was formerly known as Time Warner Cable before it was acquired by Charter Communications in 2016) is one of the only cable companies that advertise their discount on the AARP website.1 They don’t make the details very clear, instead, they invite senior customers to call their service center and ask how the discount would apply to their account. Flexible, community TV programming that can be changed at any time, an interactive guide, and bigger-button remotes and HD televisions enhance the television viewing experience for retirement community residents. A powerful, interactive platform that engages a resident’s mind, body and spirit as well as helps them interact with the community, family and friends, right from the TV. Spectrum cable TV packages start at $44.99 per month, which includes 200+ channels and free HD. This is a great option for people who are unhappy with their current cable TV service. And, because they are not sharing WiFi bandwidth, they won’t experience the typical slowdowns at peak hours that other communities have. However, 10 percent of the basic package is the best discount we’ve found online so far. If not all channels are received, a set-top box may be required. It also never hurts to pick up the phone and just ask — especially if you’re a long-time customer who is paying for multiple services. AT&T prides itself on offering simple, uncomplicated service including all the equipment, free activation, and no sneaky hidden fees. Use this custom-designed community channel to add images and text easily to a community’s daily, weekly, or monthly activities. With Entertain360, you customize the solution to fit your community size and level of care needs, and change it as often as you need to. Residents can connect all of their favorite devices with no restrictions, including printing wired or wirelessly. Here Are Some Tips for Getting the Best Senior Cable TV Deals. They’re eager for new customers, so they created a perk that offers potential customers up to $500 which they can use to buy out of an existing contract. Community controlled and selected TV programming, served up to residents with an intuitive guide and big-button remote, make it easy for residents to navigate and master channel selection from major networks to local channels. Communities have a much more significant price advantage when they provide TV programming to all apartments than any one individual can negotiate on their own. The cost doesn’t include a cable box or any addition channels since you would need to add all of these on to your package. Most voice services include basic 911 capabilities, which are fine for single-family homes that have a distinct address. Despite bouncing between being the fifth largest and seventh largest media company in the United States, they don’t have a great reputation for service or speed.

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