It is quite simple to understand whether a synthetic winter blanket can or should not be washed if there is a label with symbols on it. Whatever your preferred method, we’ve got you covered with some must-have tips. Not doing so can cause significant issues to your washing machine and blanket itself. Not too concerned, I only disinfect occasionally, How to keep yourself, your loved ones and your home safe. Did you know the washing guidelines for electric blankets are much more straightforward than you might expect? We sew all the holes that can be found on a synthetic winter blanket. While it is best to leave your electric blanket to air dry, you may be able to tumble dry some brands. Most blankets are washing machine safe under the right settings, but if you're unsure of the best cleaning method for your blanket, you can also wash it by hand. If you’re confused about where to buy these specific products, head to any store that sells cleaning supplies. Start by using the proper amount of detergent for a wash, then load the machine as you would normally with the soap first then the blanket. Outside of what you should use to clean it, there are ways to clean it without a washing machine. Unless advised otherwise in your user’s manual, set your dryer to a low heat. Add in 1/4 cup of a mild detergent and let your washing machine do the rest. Don’t forget to check the care label and user’s manual. Always ensure that you have disconnected the power cord before your start. Place the blanket in the washing machine. If your blanket is delicate, you can hand wash it by filling a tub with cool water and adding it a bit of detergent. Wool, silks, linens and any blankets with loose weave-work, like crochet, should always be hung and allowed to air dry. Place your blanket into a tub of cold water mixed with a small amount of mild detergent like Persil. The company itself is extremely reliable and dedicated to all customers who shop with them. Always keep your down comforter inside a cover when you’re using it. Afterward, we went over how long it’ll take to wash one and how to dry one. Take care to check the blanket over to ensure there is no damage after the washing process before using it. As stated earlier, you can put a weighted blanket in the washing machine, as long as it’s not too heavy. Leave your blanket to soap for 15 minutes. Make sure you adhere to any specific washing instructions to not affect the warranty of your blanket. Can I wash a bamboo blanket in the washing machine ... How to wash a holofiber pillow in a washing machine, how to wash a holofiber blanket in a washing machine. The synthetic winterizer is quite unpretentious, it can even be soaked in cold water, and it will not suffer from this at all. These fabrics are woven from natural fibers and may be irreparably damaged if treated with harsh washing methods. It has a variety of benefits and is known to be one of the most effective solutions available. This could easily open you up to a mildew infestation. The blanket itself comes in a variety of sizes and weights, making it excellent for a variety of people. This is why it’s so crucial to properly listen to the rules of washing a weighted blanket. This article has been viewed 301,697 times. Can I wash a weighted blanket in my washing machine? Having trodden about 20-30 minutes, we get out of the bath and lower the soapy water. We release water from the bathroom and leave the drain open. When the time comes, many will take their beloved blanket to the dry cleaners and rack up a hefty bill, which often leaves them wondering if it’s possible to just toss it in the washing machine. ",,,,,,,,,,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Mine have always said: check for any damage or kinks first. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Hang the blanket to dry on a rack or clothesline to air dry. The balls will move around and agitate the comforter, preventing the down from clumping while it dries. Yes! Find a tub or basin large enough for your blanket to fit in and fill it up with cool water. Avoid machine drying wool items unless the care instructions specifically say that it is allowable. Now we just have to dry the wet blanket, washing is completed. After it is clean, simply rinse and wring dry. Do not replace our advice for a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. Important! Unplug the blanket … Always ensure that you have disconnected the power cord before your start. Kadi manages a team of over 70 registered cleaning professionals, and her cleaning advice has been featured in Architectural Digest and New York Magazine. Plus, you know all of the requirements and restrictions related to doing so. While all wool blankets have different fiber compositions, those found at military surplus stores are strong blankets. Rinse at least twice when washing your blanket by hand. It is important to use short, gentle washing cycles, and to make sure you only dry the blanket … There’s nothing cozier than a down comforter, which is why many of us pull our duvets out of storage each autumn to prepare for the cold months ahead. Using an object heavier than a textbook to press water out of a blanket that is drying between towels may misshape the blanket or cause wrinkles once it's fully dry. I have a standard size washing machine at home — a top-loading style — and I wash blankets in there all the time. Try to spread the comforter out a bit, and avoid twisting or folding it excessively inside the machine. Is your down comforter feeling less than fresh? 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