I’ll ask him out. 2nd grade Complete Sentences Printable Worksheets. These worksheets focus on the structure of proper sentences and compare fragments, simple sentences and compound sentences. 2) The cactus is thirsty. 5) I simply cannot get out of bed. This move would be remembered as the turning point of the series. Complex sentences are introduced. Find all of our sentences worksheets, from sentence fragments to simple, compound and complex sentences. Boston had not won a World Series since 1918. We've been close friends for so long. Fragments to full sentences - rewrite the fragment as a full sentence When two sentences have the same predicate, you can combine the subjects with the word and. Now that you’ve had lots of experience combining sentences, your writing will be more engaging for your readers. No team had ever come back in the playoffs from a three-game deficit. Sentences with the same subjects and verbs can sound repetitive in writing. Introductory clauses worksheetsDouble negative worksheets. 3) My mug was in the cupboard. It was extremely rude. They did not expect it to be such a nail-biter! People wanted to watch a good series. This may require a semicolon. In these worksheets, students are given a few paragraphs of text made up of many short sentences. Grade 2 grammar worksheets on compound sentences. 5) I will not give in to you. f. Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences. He went to work afterward. Combine as many sentences as you can in the following paragraph using the above examples to guide you. When their mother died, they became closer. Cats can also be extremely loving. In these worksheets, students are given a few paragraphs of text made up of many short sentences. I need to finish my time machine. The cactus is not getting enough sunlight. If you were unable to properly combine sentences, each sentence would be very short, simple and boring. 3) I can’t rest. For more ideas on teaching this skill in the classroom, check out activities for teaching sentence combining. 9) A book can be a lot of fun to read. Worksheets  >  Grammar   >  Grade 4  >  Sentences  >  Combining sentences. 5) The book fell to the floor. David Roberts stole second base. Knowing how to combine sentences is essential when writing. 2) The scientists trained him well. They ended up not being able to make it. For more practice (and the answers), click on the printable worksheet below. Combine the sentences however you can. Our culture is very different from yours. combine the short sentences where appropriate. Students are asked to combine the short sentences where appropriate into longer sentences to make the text read more smoothly. Students are given the first part of a sentence and a conjunction and have to write a complex sentence using their own words. Combining Sentences Worksheets Combining Sentences Compound Subject and Verb--Early Elementary Worksheet Combining Sentences to Join Ideas--Middle Grades Worksheet Combining Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions--2nd-5th Grades Worksheet Combining Sentences with Items in a Series--Mid to Late Elementary Worksheet Fragment or sentence - identify if the phrase is a fragment or full sentence. 6) Don't give me a hard time. 4) Drew's dog jumped into the air. Sentence Worksheet- Combining Sentences Common Core State Standards: 2.L.1.f Coventions of Standard English Demonstrate command and conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. 7) We don't believe the way you do. 9) The two brothers weren't always this close. 2) Some say that dogs are friendlier than cats. Free and printable worksheets from K5 Learning; no login required. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Fragments and sentences work, Fragments into sentences work, Practice for the sentences in this booklet are, Subjects, Comprehension skills, Complex sentences sentence combining four types of, Second and third grade writing folder, Writing simple sentences. The Yankees would not win the World Series for another five years. All Rights Reserved, sentence combining using subordinating conjunctions, activities for teaching sentence combining. In these worksheets, students combine two simple sentences into one compound sentence using the suggested conjunction. Fans were worried. A book can be boring. Bobby played hide-and-seek. In 2009, the Yankees won the World Series. 10) I refused to talk about it. Grizzly bears are the same. 9) Stop dancing like that. Nobody believed the Red Sox would win that year. They want to protect me. Our 2nd grade complete sentence vs. fragments worksheets help kids identify problem areas in sentences and how to revise them. 8) Everyone is lying to me. Grammar worksheets: combining simple sentences into a compound sentences. Read the following sentences to determine whether they share the same subject or the same verb. She did not want to go. We help your children build good study habits and excel in school. The Red Sox had to win the next four games to advance. Building proper sentences is a crucial component of any successful essay, story, letter, or poem. 1. Cindy played hide-and-seek. Writing sentences worksheets for grade 2. 4) Dr. Johnson ate a big meal. 8) Hannah is attending Brown University. Sit back down in your chair. The Boston Red Sox were three games down. They were being friendly, though. They also knew that anything could happen. Simple sentences are independent clauses. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. They decided to baby-sit for the family. Your face looks friendly. Use sentence combining worksheets to practice how to combine sentences. Combining sentences worksheetss. example: My dad drives the boat. Students choose the best way to combine two sentences. See if you can tell which coordinating conjunction would best connect the following sentences. It’s especially important in early grades when students are still learning how language works. My dad and brother drive the boat. If your writing is full of short, simple sentences, readers may get bored quickly. Similar: Breaking up compound sentences Complex sentences My mug is no longer in the cupboard. Students are asked to combine the short sentences where appropriate into longer sentences to make the text read more smoothly. After finishing the basics, you can go on to subordinating conjunctions, combining common subjects and verbs, and combining sentences within a paragraph. 7) My cat was hungry. Keep up the practice by reviewing the rules for combining sentences. His nursing home lets him drive before 9pm. 1) Mr. Brown walked to the store. Free grammar and writing worksheets from K5 Learning. 1) She went to work. Check out these helpful exercises and worksheets if you’d like to practice combining sentences. My brother drives the boat. His pet monkey Ralph walked along with him. Yankees fans watched confidently. Compound sentences consist of two independent clauses linked by a comma and a coordinating conjunction (and, or, but, yet, so, for, nor). It opened to a page I had never read before. Janine's dog jumped into the air as well. 4) Mark told me not to come with him. It was her first choice. I was put in jail. All of the fans knew this. 6) My father loves to drive during the day. Now it’s time to combine sentences in a paragraph. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - 2nd Grade Sentence Sturucure. Worksheets cover coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, and include answer keys. When combining independent clauses and dependent clauses (which can’t stand alone as complete sentences), you can use subordinating conjunctions (after all, although, because, before, however, therefore, until, which). I will not let you push me around. 10) Thomas' friends seemed so strange.

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