You can get pricing for your size on our custom cut cushion page. Can’t wait to get this set up and covered. Thank you for such a quick delivery! I'm so glad you asked! Affiliate Program. I have bad disk in lower back. Thanks. I have opened it and it is clear that the memory foam layer has broken down. I have 6 inches of latex, 3 soft and 3 firm that I am using as the top of the mattress, O am trying to decide what 4inch base layer to use. Well me and wife cuddle and now we have no choice because dip in middle of bed rolls you to it. We purchased the Serra Icomfort Blue Max Elite 3000… 2 1/2 years ago. It sounds like our HD36-High Quality foam would be the best product for your application. We like a med-firm mattress and are not all that thrilled with the heat from the memory foam. Excited to work with you! I have, since that previous post, amended the causes of my back/neck issues. I’m so excited…I’ve had your site bookmarked for over a year as we built our custom RV/Schoolbus because I knew I’d be back to get our 2 custom-sized (70″x30″ +/-) mattresses YAY! my mattress now is 12″ on a slatted base. To check out your options for mattress fillings, you can visit these sites: DIY Natural Bedding, Open Your Eyes Bedding, Foam Order, and DIY Mattress Components. I like to keep it warm in the house and concerned that it would be too soft due to the heat. The 3M Super 77 can be used for that application. Are these combos advisable? BUT, I like laying on the bottom latex mattress by itself best. Once you know what your spinal problems are, you become hyper aware of your positioning. We would suggest 3″ of latex foam on top of 5″ of Lux-HQ foam for your application. What foams would you recommend for a very firm low-profile california king? I'm really curious on the heat issues I've read so much about. By the way, I'm still loving the latex after two years. make this? You can adjust or customize your mattress by unzipping cover and adding or swapping out different layers of different firmness. Thank you for the video and any help you give me. i saw your video. We can go as thick as 8″ +/-. So, I looked up Tempur Pedic, Ikea mattresses, Natura, and other latex types; however, it's a little scary to invest a lot in something that may prove wrong for me in a couple of months. In many cases we recommend you start with a 3″ topper and stretch cover. Thx. If you want to go thinner than that, your best option would be to switch the HD-R to something firmer, like our Lux-R. I’m going to assemble it like so: 1” Lux HQ foam, 8” combi-zone pocket coil base (Arizona Mattress –, 1” Lux HQ foam, 3” HD36 HQ foam or 3” Dunlop latex topper (medium density), 1/2” cool gel memory foam sheet 24” x 72” from Amazon (positioned horizontally across the middle third of the bed), and a 1” talalay latex topper (soft). I know I can’t expect perfection, but what would you recommend to be my best bet for a supportive but thin mattress? I have a jackknife couch and I am looking for something to lay over top of it when it’s opened because it is terribly uncomfortable. What’s in that $4000 dollar bed? But your post is helpful as we are looking in to foam for our camper we are restoring. Alternative DIY Uses for Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Like virtually all synthetic materials, memory foam mattress toppers will eventually wear out, lose their unique body molding and support capabilities, and have to be replaced. You can disassemble and move to another location easily. I am a 6′, 185 lb. Ordered a Leesa standard and it’s too hard. 1. measure a twin bed? foam and latex? Here’s exactly what you need to make a DIY version of the queen sized Casper foam mattress: The density of the memory foam mattress components listed above is comparable to or better than the density of the materials used in the popular Casper and Leesa models. and do i glue them together? very bottom would be 5″ luxhq I would like to perform surgery on this mattress and keep the good base foam (5″ of stiff foam, 4″ of slightly softer latex seem good). Maybe you can recoomend one. I forget brand but paid about $1800. With the space gap down the middle and the armrests which hamper the length and get in the way. I would suggest 3″ of our memory foam on top of 5″ of our Lux-HQ base. One layer? I had a tempurpedic cloud which became waaaaaay too soft and caused a lot of body pain. I got the can of Super 77, but I’m trying to decide whether or not to apply it since we have a small apartment and the only real spot I could pull it off safely would be the backyard or the garage. Powered by,, Stove Top Espresso the Second Time Around, Braised Brussels Sprouts and Homemade Ricotta. What combo do you recommend? then add 2″ super soft Any advice on R or HQ for the top foams? Yes, you should cover the topper with the rest of the mattress. DIY mattress is that source. What country and state do you live and how is it during the summer? For example, you could upgrade the base foam layer from 1.8LB to 2.8LB density HD36-HQ foam for less than $50. A queen setup will weigh approximately 59 pounds. What would be your suggestion be for components? Whatever floats your boat. I have a question about the fabric you covered the foam in. What temp do you set your A/C? , 2″ of the medium latex, and then 1-2″ of super soft foam? I have a Verlo bed that I have been unhappy with since I purchased it less than 2 years ago. The main purpose of the adhesive is to make sure these pieces do not shift over time with movement, so if you choose not to use adhesive, they may need adjustment from time to time. Some people might find it supportive, yet comfortable. I'd read this type of mattress needs to breathe, that's why we made a slatted base, but I don't know how important that really is. So all foam or hybrid? Thank you! then add 2” latex. I’m about to DIY a hybrid mattress since those are the most expensive ones I see online. My chiropractor said lots of people have reported sleeping better in their campers and that dense latex foam might be the way to go. Individual Customization. Thank You in advance! Have it your way. I am still using the topper, though, because my husband likes it and it doesnt bother me. Best of luck! Thanks. and do i put the entire matress & topper in a zipper cover? How heavy is this in queen size? But a four inch latex mattress like ours, noted in the post, would probably be fine. i need a TWIN for a female side sleeper- my bed now hurts my lower back all night. The most economical way to build a mattress is by using all foam materials. This is great information! What you have suggested would be a good setup for your need. I prefer something on the slightly firm side. Sorry the last sentence should have read: Did the mattress turn out to be firm even with the memory foam topper? (she has an older, no- frills TempurPedic. Would all latex foam be best with the lux/firm base? My spring mattress is in its death throes and all of the commercial foam beds are sooo stinking expensive. If making this, what would you use as a base? With regards to the super max foam, please contact us to have us cut and glue this foam type to the Cal King size that you are looking for. 13” bamboo zippered mattress cover (Arizona Mattress – Please contact us for more information referencing this blog. Great work! The components can be purchased individually through our website. It looks like yours might be a medium, but without the target spec, is it tough to approximate? Thanks for the post and hopefully a reply. I know it won’t pass the famous string test for warranty claim. Would you recommend any modifications to this mattress (to provide moderately firm support for the hips and shoulders) for side sleepers? Not only do we make available premium components for mattress building, we also offer you the best guidance we have gained over 42 years of manufacturing mattresses. We would suggest 3″ of 5LB density memory foam on a 9″ HD36-HQ medium base. I have this late 50's headboard that would be perfect with this frame, and I'm wondering how you made it, and if it could be easily replicated in a weekend. We tried a mattress that seemed decent, and it has 8″ of base foam. 4″ or greater, use our Lux-HQ Mattress Foam. It does make sense when you consider that we were made to sleep on the ground, and I can't think of anything more supportive.

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