. Polytheism was most likely the first religion, so it would have started somewhere in Africa. Discussion in 'General Religious Debates' started by Biblestudent_007, Feb 18, 2011. Nevertheless, Ahura Mazda emanated six primary Amesha Spentas (spiritual forces) as … It can be incompatible with some forms of theism, as in the Semitic religions; it can coexist with theism, as in Vaishnavism; it can exist at a lower level of understanding, ultimately to be transcended, as in Mahayana Buddhism; and it can exist as a tolerated adjunct to belief in transcendental liberation, as in Theravada Buddhism. Polytheism: Polytheism is the belief in multiple gods. Another source for the roots of ancient monotheism can be found in Zoroastrianism which became the state cult of ancient Persia.Zoroaster was a prophet (with dates anywhere from 1000-600 BCE) who promoted the worship of one supreme deity, Ahura Mazda, who was the creator of everything in the universe.. Honestly, I think it’s nothing more than a mistranslation of the word “god,” and a common source of confusion. Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. Top Posters Biblestudent_007 Active Member Joined: Aug 19, 2010 Messages: 655 +14 . The vast majority of Each god in a polytheistic society often has a single aspect of the universe that they control, such as the oceans or storms. Where and in what culture did polytheism originate? Polynesians are famous for their voyages to remote islands in distant parts of the Pacific. Polytheism can bear various relationships to other beliefs. This article discusses the historical roots of Judaism throughout the 1st millennium BCE. Polytheism evolved from animistic views of a spirit world, what was foremost attributed to animal spirits (or spirits in inanimate objects) evolved to be attributed to man's image in the earliest of civilizations (read: The Epic of Using outrigger canoes, they founded a society across islands stretching in a triangle from the Hawaiian Islands to Easter Island to New Zealand For the origins of the modern-day religion of Judaism, see Origins of Rabbinic Judaism. Oceania was the last region to be settled by humans and the last part of Oceania to be settled by humans was Polynesia. > According to the followers of monotheistic religions, how did polytheism originate?

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