Excel, ERP systems), CPIM: Certified Production and Inventory Management (through APICS), CSCP: Certified Supply Chain Professional (through APICS), CFPIM: Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (through APICS), CPSM: Certified Professional in Supply Management (through ISM), CPSD: Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity(through ISM), Six Sigma, White, Yellow, Green and Black Belt, focuses on Lean, quality, problem solving and  leadership, Career Connector Network - Webinars on Careers in Supply Chains & Operations, Working in Supply Chain Management (via.

5. Presents a synthesis of the principles in strategic and supply chain management, and how supply chain strategies are developed and executed. The required project involves working directly in the sponsoring company’s business area or in a Marquette University department, applying the skills learned in class. Source: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Planning 2. 3 cr. Prereq: OSCM 3001; cons. Sourcing If you’re a skilled engineer or technician, but need to add these skills, a master’s degree in operations management or supply chain management provides the information, training, and knowledge needed.

School of Management 160 Jacobs Management Center, Buffalo, NY 14260-4000, Home | Internal Resources | MyUB | Site Map Find Us | Call Us. American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) - Buffalo Chapter: Institute for Supply Management (ISM) - Buffalo Chapter, American Society of Transportation and Logistics, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, Distribution Business Management Association, International Warehouse Logistics Association, International Federation of Warehousing & Logistics Associations, Supply Chain Manager vs. Operations Manager, Undergraduate - Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration, MBA - Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration, Foreign language skills are increasingly important, Technical skills (i.e. Most organizations function as part of a larger supply chain. In today’s competitive business world, the best companies have discovered a powerful new source which encompasses on all the integrated activities that bring the product to the market and create satisfied customers and is called “Supply-Chain Management”. You can’t make something from nothing. III. Key objectives are to help students think critically about the ways in which global logistics and trade management concepts are fundamental to the overall functioning of the business (regardless of which other disciplines a student may study), and to provide a “vocabulary” for students to carry forward into the rest of their studies and beyond. 2.

Traditional Operation Mechanisms Because Supply Chain Management spreading beyond location of, 1.1 Outline the main types of operations found within businesses Executive Summary ; OSCM 4010 and one additional course from OSCM 4020, OSCM 4025 or OSCM 4040. You understand that these calls may be generated using an automated technology, including by way of example, auto-dialer and click-to dial technologies. Part of good planning is setting up integration, which means that everyone involved in the manufacturing process communicates and collaborates. Sales Functions for Operations and Supply Chain Management: Functional areas within a company and supply chain partners on the outside are accustomed to developing their own plans, controlling their own information, and determining their own actions. Most products sold at Wal-Mart are commonplace (everything from home appliances to clothing) and can be purchased elsewhere. Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management OSCM 4020. hrs. Combines comprehensive classroom work on the tasks, processes and procedures involved in the procurement function with on-the-job work which executes key procurement functions against real world priorities in a local company or Marquette University Purchasing Department. Each relies on the others to provide a seamless path from plan to completion as affordably as possible. Supply Chain Management already exists for more than hundred years. dir.

hrs. hrs. 1. of Business Career Center. These manufacturers make the paper and through its supply chain, the copy paper will be sold to retail stores. Public Works projects such as building the Great Wall of China, Egyptian pyramids and the ships of the Spanish Empire are all classic examples of human organization for production systems. The processes in Operations and Supply chain can be categorized as follows Room D2.173 This method had many short comings. Operations management takes resources and uses them to accomplish business goals while taking into consideration the needs of all stakeholders. (cost, quality, flexibility, delivery) Operations Management and Profitability………………………………………………………………………………….3 They both require the ability to communicate across departments internally and externally, to lead people and teams, and to manage human capital. Reference: Why Study Operations and Supply Chain Management? It offers more than 400,000 different products through both a catalog and a Web site.

hrs. Instead of functioning in separate divisions, or silos, integrated teams work together to make sure the product gets to the distribution phase. OSCM 4986. Focuses on global logistics and global trade management, and relates these practices to global supply chain management. This means often staying ahead of the process so that you have everything you need on hand well before you actually need it. information systems Submitting this form constitutes your express written consent to be called and/or texted by Kettering University Online at the number(s) you provided, regarding furthering your education. Skilled craftsmen and their apprentices produced them in small shops using simple, flexible tools produced according to customer requirements. of Business Career Center. The other areas that SCM is related to are operations, logistics, procurement, and information technology. A foundation to quality philosophies, principles, techniques and tools is provided. 3 cr. The biggest difference between supply chain management and operations management is the supply chain management is externally focused dealing with vendors and customers, and operations management is internally focused concentrating processes inside the company’s walls. I. When handled correctly, products are moved expeditiously from the warehouse to the customer.

However, in reality an organization will have many vendors and many customers. dir. OSCM 4995. This "Top Twenty" program is designed to encourage: critical thinking, analytics, problem solving, communication, business writing, technical knowledge and skills needed for positions ranging from entry level positions to leadership development programs. Supply Chain and Operations careers exist in more than manufacturing. 1. Includes a discussion of key ERP concepts and issues from functional, technical and implementation viewpoint. Difficulty: Easy Whether it’s monitoring equipment to make sure you’re getting the most out of it or cutting back work hours when production slows down, the operations team can bring major improvements to the supply chain. Operations is how you make it,” stated Lee Buddress, an Associate Professor of Supply and Logistics Management at Portland State University. Introduction If companies use Strategic Supply Chain Management, the organization is then able to function at … 3 cr. Delivering 3. 3. Business strategy Businesses must choose vendors, freight carriers, and possibly warehouse solutions. Keywords: organization, operations, function Executive Summary…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….2 3 cr.

2. 6-1 These managers monitor all activities and ensure that each of the resources is efficiently utilized with minimum wastage. hrs. Stephanie Faris is a novelist and business writer whose work has appeared on numerous small business blogs, including Zappos, GoDaddy, 99Designs, and the Intuit Small Business Blog. Supply Chain Management Functions Integration. 3 cr. Around this framework, the various tools that are application specific are covered. and cons. of prog. There is an ever increasing amount of content and material related to these continuous improvement strategies and the classroom instruction includes the concepts, processes, tools, analyses and procedures conveyed through presentation formats. 3 cr. Workshops. There are four major elements of supply chain management: integration, operations, purchasing and distribution. To varying degrees, the logistics function also includes sourcing and procurement, production planning and scheduling, packaging and assembly, and customer service. Managers in both areas oversee people, parts, and supplies. They make key decisions on suppliers, coordinate purchasing, warehousing, and forecasting.

The supply chain encompasses the components that convert raw materials into finish goods.

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