There is a striking pommel on the rear end of the handle, which can be handy in certain scenarios. It comes with the compound leverage technology but also a SOG Assisted Technology which works by balancing opposing high-tension spring coils that propels your blade open as if it’s opening by itself.

And of course many of you will use multi-tools for different outdoors activities than I use them for. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. By now you might be thinking that all these Leatherman multi-tools are very similar and so does it really matter which one I buy? Back; Direct Action Large Messenger Bag; Blog; Search ... You are here: Home . I’m pushing it a bit calling the Get-A-Way driver a multi-tool as it is basically a screwdriver (with four heads) with an oxygen bottle valve wrench cut into the side. The real difference would be the blade design, as Gerber Prodigy comes with a drop-point design whereas SOG Seal Pup comes with a clip-point design. This is because the Rev only has one tool accessible from the outside (with the pliers closed) compared to two for the other two multi-tools.

The price tells you that the Bear Grylls Ultimate is a starter/entry level multi-tool. And you’d be right in asking this question.

Innovative Produkte für den Privat- und Hobbybereich sowie hochwertige Outdoor- und … It’s worse when there are seven different Crater knives with different initials at the end. Every tool on the Leatherman OHT is one-hand-operable. Yes, Gerber makes many good multi-tools as you’ll see below, but if you can pick only one then the Center-Drive is the one.

SOG Seal Pup is shorter, as the total length is only 9.0 inches. The MUT has several of the classic Leatherman tools but what sets it apart and makes it a great tool for gun owners is that it comes with a bronze scraper, a disassembly punch and rod/brush adapter to help when cleaning your firearm. With solid and startling features of tools offered Leatherman, other tools by Sog and Gerber are slowly gaining ground. The Rev, Side Kick and Wingman are all in the full-sized group and the cheapest options from this group of larger multi-tools. The knife is the main feature of the Gerber Crucial which isn’t surprising given Gerber’s history with quality knife making. Better to stick with the XE6 which has stood the test of time.

One simple area where the Leatherman knives can be improved straight away is with their names – Crater C33SX isn’t really memorable and tells me nothing about the product.

Another great feature is the one-hand open larger fine edge blade. Many core features are similar, if not the same but you should also have seen how it’s the small differences that set the tools apart – whether it’s made for survival, to help with first aid, has an entry-level price tag or made for small hands. However, when coming to some of the best multitools launched by SOG, Gerber, as well as Leatherman, reviewers have often questioned the striking abilities and differences between the three. This has led them to branch out into other areas of multi-tool, and one such innovation that’s in its infancy is their Leatherman Wearables range.

The supreme quality of knives and other tools have definitely improved and increased the bar of available multi tools. Writing an article on the best multi-tool is stirring up a hornet’s nest, and I’m well aware many people will strongly disagree with the conclusions in this write-up.

- Injection molded Glass reinforced handle scored with grip lines.

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