I'm sending a few of my favorite warriors your way. I have dreamed of the day I would face them in battle. After progressing to The Serpent's Lair main quest. The gracious leader of the abantis Islands, Skylax, donated his personal fortune and a find collection to your war efforts here in Lokris. The Sage Eye my sight.

Forget glory. The democracy will die, and I will rule again. And if you send me another piece of armor to wear that makes me look like an idiot, the next person I kill is you. They're targetting artists, I think, and aside from Phidias you are the most well known. Let the world be in your debt. Cruel in his revenge.

// Question. The world will fall under one rule—ours.

The Ghost's whisper to Kleon Your orders are simple—today we rush the rebellion and send every Spartan invader to the underworld. And why? Call for captains This Cultist's Sage was clearly a man of great wealth. Dark forces are plotting there. Forever, blood will last. From his control of the quarry and slave trade there, he will be our eyes and ear. P. Overheard Cultist Conversation And only fear brings respect. Love is pain. I'm a fighter, not a doll. This flag was white. Note Found in the Sanctuary of Kosmos To fuck. The Sage sailed ashore to see my ship.

Continue down this path, Worshipper, and you may one day replace me. He has forgotten me. Every coin flowing into the city - ours. A good life, a good death, and nothing more. This should be the start of a profitable relationship. No hand is as cruel as yours. Centaur, Hiding in the tombs was a group of Followers of Ares. And now, this is what it's come to.

Letter to Asterion

Your many eyes must look within those city walls and snuff out those who would seek to oppose our rule.

6 merchant ships for the Eyes of Kosmos to surveil the ports of Salamios and Athens. After collecting enough traces, you can open the given cultist's bio and learn the identity and location of a Cultist of the Kosmos. The Octopus, Leader's Note from his Son

Under the disguise of a slovenly drunk, wearing a helmet twice the size of his head and hiding in the chambers of hetaerae, our Blueblood R. would seem almost comical if he weren't deadly. But you shall be my hand. You are the waves now. Your whimpering at the hands of the brutish Redblood M. was echoing in all corners of our shrine... Save that pain. When we finally move on our plans in Athens, none will stand against us. Upon Hermippos's gloves, an etching was found. Forget honor. Kosmos will protect me.

This world will fall under one rule. Letter to Stentor

Or worse. Even Poseidon is less deadly than I.

Tell him Klitos was last seen heading to Shipwreck Cove in Achaia. Only you can know the truth - I killed them. Whatever foul god they invoked did not protect her from death. I sank the Shark's Head. Let the world be in MY debt. He will clean their mess. Clue 1: The Ghost is a liar Clue 2: The Ghost is a woman Clue 3: The Ghost planned the death of Perikles Clue 4: The Ghost controls both sides of the war Clue 5: The Ghost longs for freedom

They replace the Templars known from the previous games. Worshipper Z., after she fed a priest to her wolves, was driven from Phokis. Ruthless in his oppression. Someone named the Mytilenian Shark was its captain. I cleansed her of her stains, and I can do the same for you. Symbol on Elpenor's Cloak Myrrine, the bold leader of Naxos Island, was a marked target. The Sage sailed ashore to see my ship. I've tried. They were of no use now.

The diagram of the Cultists shows around two dozen members of the cult. Let Athens be an example for the world.


Pater, Me! Enough incompetence—deal with Aristophanes or I'll chop off his head, then I'll chop off yours. I don’t wear feather hats. They'll show you what a real beast is. Soon, I will gift you Archidamos—the other child of the bloodline will believe him to be the Cultist King and tear him down. The Ghost's whisper to Polemon Of all servants to Kosmos, none so wants the war to rage on as you. I'm a fighter, not a doll. If you stand opposed to me, you will be the first of many sacrifices I burn in Kosmos' honor.

Soon, I will know for certain. Conversation with a Cultist Sokos

Swordfish's Secret Journal

Stupid. I was born a Champion of Boeotia.

We need more after some defected. Now it doesn’t really matter what you choose first cult or Atlantis. We disembark from Melos tomorrow. Midas, On political unrest: When all fall, we stand. Cruel in his revenge. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough, Killing the Cultists from the top row (Sage).

Elpenor's cloak had the strangest etching.

We are the fucking waves.

I already have all the clues to reveal The Ghost of Kosmos.

The Cult's guards were involved in the plot, meaning a Cultist was behind it all. More unusual methods of getting clues are, i.e. This section contains info that will enable you to find the hideouts of the Cultists, how to track them down and what rewards can you get for that. You have my word.

And Kosmos of course. If our Sage had a son marching on the battlefield, he wouldn't be so quick to send us to war. From what I've heard, the order should be Family > Cult > Atlantis. Let it fester. We are the same in that way. With your sacrifice complete, we can now perform the ritual in Chios. I'm sailing to the waters south of Messenia. My sons. She brings chaos and devastation with her. On political unrest:

Rhexenor, It's yours. But who is controlling whom? Master Harpalos, I've found it - in Andros rests the greatest, most ancient forge in the known world. If you stand opposed to me, you will be the first of many sacrifices I burn in Kosmos' honor. Sunken Goods Blueblood, Faster.

Zoisme. If they fine me, they'll find you, and I can't risk your life.

From those chambers, he's infiltrated the political elite's inner circle. You call yourself Belos the fucking "Beast"?! Those who do not obey will find his hidden knife at their throats. Octopus, By facing Sokos in the battle, Kassandra revealed his true identity. Attika is large, and its people are a problem - let him deal with them. Your Sage. Didn't get it, praise Kosmos. You have managed to eliminate all the Cultists of the Cult of Kosmos but to end it all once and for all, you still have to hunt down their leader: The Ghost of Kosmos.Here you will discover the unfolding of the quest titled “A Fresh Start” that will allow you to meet the Ghost of Kosmos and to decide his fate.

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I demanded obedience, and you answered. I will never earn your respect, so I will instead demand your submission.

Our Sage was last seen sailing west, and sailing alone. Melanthos.

Or worse. But you will finish one side quest during which you kill said cultist when that is finished you will receive another quest for the actual mythological creature. I have all the gods-forsaken ships I can handle. Interested? The ruins are here. Captain, So let this be a warning: peace will be mine.

My Eyes see all. I heard she's leading the other child of the bloodline right to you. Truth is weakness. I don't mind spoilers that much so I watched a video of someone letting Aspasia go. Send me your best, your sons, your daughters! The southern Sporades are yours. Where did you find this idiot? This declaration hereby recognizes these great champions as true servants of the gods in Olympia:

Their passion burns me. Kosmos and our Sage, the Illustrious Wise, are pleased. The whispers say you are following the trail of the other child of the bloodline. Letter to Chrysis Someone stop him. Forget glory. Lover's Letter to Hermippos

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