@mutant1230: lol......how is that supersonic? Edit: Base version of all characters only. There's a good chance that Loki would even be able to trick Wonder Woman for a bit.

Kurse is the secret weapon of the Dark Elves. Hela tempts Wonder Woman and Supergirl with access to their departed loved ones.

the instance in ragnarok where hela caught it was clearly not supersonic. And current WW anyways solostomps. Mickeys Tavern. Not only is he massively powerful, but he's also an extremely skilled combatant. She's extremely strong and while Wonder Woman has a speed advantage on her, Hela's magic ability gives her an edge over Wonder Woman. Can the three wonder gals take the Norse goddess of death down? Thor & Hela. Hela is way too powerful and is highly underrated on this site. Can the three wonder gals take the Nor. Wonder woman, Donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark move to stop her. Because this answer alone makes all the difference.

provide feats that are actually quantifiable, i mean if mjolnir were actually going supersonic, there would be air displacement and it would be all that more evident in slo mo. @mutant1230: uh.....why don't u just look at this hammer throw independent of the questionable qs scene. And I will be its king! Actually Hela doesn't need to move fast as she has complete control over space and time. Battle. Wonder Woman is no stranger to fighting massive world ending threats, but Surtur's destiny is to kill all of the gods and he's more than powerful enough to get the job done. FORUMS. Also you can't say Mjolnir is going supersonic just because QS appears to see it going at the same speed as he does another object because he does the same thing regardless of what it is and how fast it's moving. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. I highly doubt anybody thought Quan made the post, but simply played along just for the lulz. In the end, he'd be too much for her. Still hasnt came out in my part yet but im pretty sure when it does, Hela would kick Diana's ass. We've seen wonder woman struggle with deathstroke on more than one ocassion so? - Forum Archive - Forum Rules >. The last star will flicker out someday, when it does, all that remains is shadow. Depending on the continuity, Wonder Woman has … If quicksilvers top speed is below supersonic, then its arguable as to whether mjolnir was slower than or travelling at supersonic speed. Wonder Woman has taken down many of her own magical and mythological threats, but how would she fare against those of Thor's universe? Hela would probably win based on what I've heard but I doubt it would be a stomp. Mickeys Tavern. I highly highly doubt the movie was released in California like that. This is another "can you tag them before they get you" thread AFAIK. "'-Amahl Farouk.
"'-Amahl Farouk, Gender: UnspecifiedLocation: United States. She also did some other interesting stuff in the spoilers are learned. Wonder Woman has fought all kinds of strong and durable foes in the past and Ulik is really nothing special in that regard. Wonder Woman would have little to no problems with him. NOTIFICATIONS.

Hela. #HelaVsWW Hey Guy's! and in line with all the other times we've seen thor throw mjolnir. The last star will flicker out someday, when it does, all that remains is shadow. Distance means nothing to her. The movie would've been all over the internet and the battles would've been all over the place. Wonder Woman vs Hela # Hela No way Speed: Hela can travel universes very fast. While she's trying, the Destroyer will be pounding on her and before she can figure out a way to defeat it, she'll be down. I'm waiting for Infinity War to come out and we get the inevitable "Wonder Woman vs Proxima Midnight" threads. A place where sports, comics, beer and kinkiness mix well in a potent brew. "'-Amahl Farouk . Game Hub 4,582 views Created by TheSuspect666. tuesday its out in the uk and usa its 3rd. While Mjolnir is arguably far more powerful than Diana’s lasso, Wonder Woman also utilizes other equipment more often than Thor. Last edited by FrothByte on Nov 5th, 2017 at 08:47 PM, Last edited by Slowpoke on Nov 5th, 2017 at 09:01 PM, Last edited by FrothByte on Nov 5th, 2017 at 09:17 PM, Last edited by Slowpoke on Nov 5th, 2017 at 09:28 PM, Home » Movies » Movie Discussion » Movie Versus Forum » Hela vs. Wonder Woman, <