METHOD OF PREPARATION: Dried and powdered. No special processing is done to make it an edible powder. Waterfront property values can be greatly reduced, and property owners may incur some of the costs of management, which is expensive and long-term. The leaves are arranged in whorls of two to eight around the stem, each leaf 5–20 mm long and 0.7–2 mm broad, with serrations or small spines along the leaf margins; the leaf midrib is often reddish when fresh. Inspect and remove plant fragments and mud from boats, trailers, and equipment before and after each use. What does HYDRILLA mean? Always avoid blue-green algae. Linnaeus himself named it Serpicula verticillata. Well… edible does not mean palatable. It reproduces primarily vegetatively by fragmentation and by rhizomes and turions, and flowers are rarely seen. The Hydrilla you buy in the health food store is the same that clogs lakes around the world. Identification, Time of Year, Environment. Over the centuries it has had many different names. Synonyms include H. asiatica, H. japonica, H. lithuanica, and H. ovalifolica. My neighbors and I obtained a permit to rake-harvest hydrilla from our canal, and have an agreement with the Aquatic Plant Management crew to NOT spray our canal with herbicide as long as we keep the growth managed with our rake-harvesting. I have searched and cannot find a buyer. Verticillata means whorls, as in the leaves. ENVIROMENT: Hydrilla can grow in almost any freshwater: springs, lakes, marshes, ditches, rivers, tidal zones with 7% salinity or less. In the Philippines much is made of its nutritional qualities, but again no references found about eating it directly. The Army Corp of Engineers spray it but does not seem to have much effect. The midribs of the leaves are reddish in color. When I find some clean water I will. To seen an older but good video by the state of Florida on Hydrilla click here. It’s from the Greek ύδωρ (EE-dor) or “hydro” in English meaning water thus referring to its water habitat. One tuber can produce more than 6,000 new tubers. DEC and partners are actively controlling hydrilla in the Croton River using annual herbicide treatments. Thus in time Hydrilla verticillata was dubbed. The stems grow up to 1–2 m long. As the days grow longer and the water temperature becomes warmer it will deposit tubers in the soil and grow to the surface of the water, creating a wall of vegetation. Meaning of HYDRILLA. Its whorls of leaves are closer together on the stem which give the plant a bushy appearance. Hydrilla has a high resistance to salinity compared to many other freshwater associated aquatic plants. Copyright 2007-2018 – This web page is the property of Green Deane, LLC. The small leaves are strap-like and pointed. These are all foods the Chinese eat but no mentioning of eating Hydrilla directly. submersed plant with whorled lanceolate leaves and solitary axillary flowers; Old World plant naturalized in southern United States and clogging Florida's waterways. I love this website it has helped me in school. Individual leaves have smooth edges and a smooth mid-vein. Tubers are yellowish, potato-like, 1/2 in. They eat it. It is somewhat winter-hardy though its optimum growth temperature is above 68 F. As mentioned it can grow in only 1% of full sunlight. A word of caution -according to Wikipedia, Hydrilla is a “hyperaccumulator of Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium and Lead.” This means it’s very important to use only plants grown in very pure waters, and even then, to monitor them closely for these metallic contaminants -whether the plant (or its products) are used as feed for humans or animals, or even as fertilizer. Information and translations of HYDRILLA in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. But you can buy it as a dried powder to add to soups and stews and smoothies. We truly appreciate your support. It’s a “round up” article but does not quote any one eating it or any expert saying it is edible right out of the water. Historical use of Hydrilla prior to it becoming a “noxious” weed is scant limited to a few references to how it was named and its use in making white sugar (more on that in a moment.). No… Well, I don’t know of anyone doing that. The leaf margins are distinctly saw-toothed. If you think you have found hydrilla, take photos of the plant(s) and note the location. If Wikipedia said the sun rose today I would check to make sure. The easiest way to tell them apart is female flowers consist of three whitish sepals and three translucent petals. Can you take it out of a lake, cook it up, and chomp it down? New populations of hydrilla can sprout from any of these, as well as from plant fragments that easily break off from the main plant. Each whorl has 4-8 blade-like leaves, 5 leaves being most common, with slightly toothed edges around stem.

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