Odorless - Ideal disinfectants should be odorless or with a pleasant smell to facilitate regular use. And if you want to learn even more, we’ve also got the scoop on how to compare electrolyzed water vs bleach, how Force of Nature is safe to use on just about any surface in your house, and about how Force of Nature actually works. Reference: PubMed PMID 31904191. Certain products like bleach, Pine-sol, and other industrial strength cleaners run the risk of causing damage. Why is Hypochlorous Acid the dream disinfectant in comparison to bleach or alcohol? It’s EPA-approved for fighting Covid-19 and Green Seal certified. Hypochlorous acid is nature’s oldest disinfectant, and it happens to be walking around in about 7.5 billion people right now. It kills a wide variety of bacteria, fungus and viruses including Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica – it's even … Thank you for your interest in Germ Hero! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Cleaning and eliminating germs in our surroundings has never been more important. We’re putting together your estimate, and sending it over in just a few minutes! pure&clean™ has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19 on hard, nonporous surfaces. While Force of Nature is an EPA-registered disinfectant federally, the registration process in your state is not yet complete. A Hypochlorous Acid disinfection product optimally disinfects and cleans every surface within your home, business, office, or vehicle. The body is made of millions of cells that need energy to function. When the pH of the solution is lowered to the correct level, HOCl is created. A fast-acting agent quickly destroys microbes hence reducing the duration of potential contact with the microbes. Produce powerful cleaning & sanitizing solutions in ready-to-use concentrations on-demand, The evolution of electro-chemical activation technology and its practical application, How bakeries can improve efficiency and sustainability by rethinking the use of toxic cleaners. But you may not see this substance sold in stores because of its relatively short shelf life. Nature’s organic, super-powerful disinfectant also contains the ingredient that gives bleach its antimicrobial power. Insulin levels in the blood vary with the amount of glucose present in the blood. Glucose is carried to the cells through the bloodstream, with the help of insulin. More controlled clinical studies are required to evaluate the efficacy and safety of HOCl and the outcomes of various methods of its application. surfaces. hiv These viruses are similar to, or even more resilient to disinfection than, SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that is causing the COVID-19 pandemic). We are industry respected leaders in the disinfection and sanitizing industry. Topical antimicrobial or antiseptic agents like Povidone iodine and Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in chronic wounds remain in widespread use today and are successful in microbial eradication. Rental of a Saltwater Biocides Generator is very affordable and likely to reduce the cost of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals. Germ Hero is the #1 Disinfection and Sanitizing Service for Home and Business. wound care Studies on the matter have recommended the use of HOCl as a reliable diabetic wound cleanser. Germ Hero offers Fast, Affordable, and Safe Disinfection and Sanitizing Services for your Home or House as well as business that will get rid of harmful Germs, Flu, Viruses, Pathogens, and Bacteria. We use the most cutting-edge technology such as Electrostatic Spraying, and Atomized Spraying applications. This highly reactive oxygen species is decomposed into hydrogen peroxide , Which is then converted to HOCl. Consider using Hypochlorous Acid as a useful tool to combat flu, cold, COVID, and a whole slew of other harmful impurities! 100% organic and environmentally responsible ingredients, Eliminates the need for nasty caustic chemicals. How the Klarion® System Produces Powerful, Environmentally Responsible Cleaners and Sanitizers, effective against the virus that is causing the COVID-19 pandemic. Antimicrobial Action is a process of killing dieses. Pure&clean is alcohol free, non-flammable, easy to use and does not require rinsing after use. A completely clean food contact surface prevents transmission of foodborne illnesses such as E-Coli and clostridium infections which cause food poisoning. In addition to being generated on-demand by the human body, hypochlorous acid can be produced through a process known as known as electrochemical activation (ECA) which traces its roots to research that began more than a century ago. In turn, Hypochlorous Acid is still used frequently in daily sanitation practices. A highly effective, low-cost, and an environmentally compatible microbial agent. Hi! Until this is complete we can not claim that it is a disinfectant in Canada. But the most recent technology enables the production of nearly salt-free solutions, which are suitable for use in more operations. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is the least toxic and most sustainable disinfectant solution on the market. Showing all 14 results Multi-Cleanse Medical Grade 500 PPM Hypochlorous Acid … Pretty cool, right? The cornerstone of preventing these complications is to monitor the feet so that problems are spotted at the early stages. Customers can generate their own Hypochlorous Acid at their own facility. Hatcheries, bakeries, dairies, tanker truck cleaning facilities and other food and beverage processors are already using on-site generation of ECA solutions for equipment cleaning and sanitizing with great success. HOCl breaks down the cells that are creating an infection by … Can HOCl and/or NaOH be discarded down the drain. No. Although the process of HOCl stabilization is very difficult, it is only a stabilized form of the acid that can help in cleansing wounds. Using pure&clean™ Disinfectant/Sanitizer on all food contact surfaces destroys such pathogens. It’s the substance your white blood cells produce to fight off infections. HOCl also significantly reduces the use of systemic antibiotics and has an important role in keeping dermal matrices and skin grafts hydrated.

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