Cards like Fauna Shaman and Survival of the Fittest offer ways to get the exact creature you want into your graveyard, while cards like Stinkweed Imp, Underrealm Lich, Golgari Grave-Troll, and Hermit Druid can help with the graveyard filling. Showcasing offbeat brews from around the internet. Learn more about your ad choices. Here, Kalamax, the Stormsire and Gavi, Nest Warden top the list, with Otrimi, the Ever-Playful lagging far behind. A couple of quick notes: the two big winners are Xyris, the Writing Storm (187 decks) and Zaxara, the Exemplary (182 decks), making these two legends more popular than most of the "face" commanders from Commander 2020. #4: Sultai Mutate: (21 points): Firsts: None. - Other possible upgrades include things that trigger when you draw or discard a card, like Glint-Horn Buccaneer, Rielle, the Everwise, and Chasm Skulker. Visit, You can research and theorize as much as you want, but sometimes there's no substitute for direct experience. A first-place ranking gives a deck five points, with second in a category being worth four, third three, fourth two, and last just a single point. If I were doing a full article instead of a budget upgrade, I’d build Carmax Kalamax. The deck also feels a bit ramp-light (although this is a theme across the Commander 2020 decks, with most having around seven ramp spells), especially considering the average converted mana cost of the deck is a massive 4.26. Visit, It's HALLOWEEN TIME! Add in that Otrimi, the Ever-Playful might be the least exciting and playable of the face commanders, and Sultai Mutate comes in at the very bottom of our list. [Sign Up], All original content herein is Copyright 2020 TCGplayer, Inc.® is a trademark of TCGplayer, Inc. There's probably an argument that Mardu Humans should slot into the number-two slot ahead of Jeskai Cycling (which is highlighted by The Locust God and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind), but the fact that The Locust God costs about $10 while Alesha, Who Smiles at death is less than $1 after a bunch of reprintings keeps Jeskai Cycling ahead, but just barely. All original content on this page is © 2012-2020 MTGGoldfish, Inc. and may not be used or reproduced without consent. Visit, On this episode, we're examining all 8 of the new WHITE PARTNER cards from Commander Legends. Worsts: Face Commander, Land Value, Reprint Commanders, Reprints, Out-of-the-Box, Upgradable. Vampire Dad Wikipedia, Let's see what interesting combos and synergies we can come up with. Even though they aren't the most exciting spells to copy with Kalamax, the Stormsire, they are important for policing the table in multiplayer Commander games. Commander 2020's uniqueness, however, is a story for another time. Admiral William Owens, Talrand, Sky Summoner is in the top 100, while Rashmi, Eternities Crafter just misses the top 100 cutoff, and the other three are in the top 200 range. Treacle Toffee Recipe Condensed Milk, This is one of the most subjective categories on our list, and it's very possible that you'll disagree. The two worst decks—Sultai Mutate and Abzan Keywords—didn't get first in a single category. Cricket Frog Sound, Shea Couleé Net Worth, Learn more about your ad choices. Anyway, that's all for today. What Does Akaashi Mean In Japanese, Julie Drolet Epoux, Worsts: None. Let's see what interesting combos and synergies we can come up with. My biggest issue with the straight-out-of-the-box precon is that it feels light on ways to dump creatures into the graveyard, especially early in the game. In the middle of the pack are Mardu Humans and Abzan Keywords, which both got a lot of reprinted legends but not ones that are especially playable as commanders, with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death being the most popular of the bunch at #43 and Karametra, God of Harvests being the only other legend from the decks to break the top 100. How I'd handle upgrading with the Sultai Mutate Commander 2020 deck is by pulling out Zaxara, the Exemplary and the X-spells to build an X-spell-based Hydra deck and then using the mutate cards from the deck to build around some of the most powerful mutating legends from Ikoria itself. Susan Moonsie Height, Being related to the newest set is great, but being exclusively tied to the newest set dooms decks like Sultai Mutate to fail. Turn the tide of any battle with the Arcane Maelstrom deck—copy spells with Kalamax the Stormsire draw cards when you do damage with Xyris the Writhing Storm or exile your opponents’ resources and cast them yourself with Haldan Avid Arcanist and Pako Arcane Retriever ... Great precon, easily upgraded if that's your thing. Only lands worth at least $1 are shown in the price calculation above, which leaves the Sultai Mutate deck with very close to no value from the land slot. While the deck doesn't need a ton of counters since they aren't the most exciting spells to copy with Kalamax, the Stormsire, having more than just Temur Charm would help the deck quite a bit.

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