Add the eggs and mix until incorporated. Perfect with a cup of coffee! So delicious! It’s the best low carb bread/cake type recipe I’ve tried. These little dairy free Double Chocolate Coconut Flour Muffins are a low carb, keto friendly family favorite that will satisfy your dark chocolaty cravings! I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. These sugar-free zucchini muffins are a healthy and safe snack for school lunches or the perfect keto treat. I’ve used coffee before with great results in other chocolate recipes though. Are you looking for great Low Carb, Keto recipes that taste like the real thing? This actually made 13 rather than 10 muffins for me so maybe I have a smaller muffin tray. How to set yourself up for success on your new Keto Diet (free printable), The beginners guide to Keto meal planning (+ a free healthy meal planner! Made these last night and they are amazing. It’s about $8, but it will last about 3 years or so. If you are looking for moist chocolaty muffins that are easy to make and low in carbs, you’ve come to the right place. Check around 12 minutes. Join 150,000 others to get a FREE keto food list and new recipes every week! I use the stevia glycerite because erythritol tends to burn my throat and can also make baked goods feel cold in the mouth. Great job, Kim!! The stevia glycerite is a special ingredient purchase I get on Amazon. I hope the finished muffins were as tasty as the batter. The xanthan gum enhances the texture and helps hold the ingredients together. Wow! However, I do have some great chocolate cake recipes that can be made in a muffin tin. -Kim. I like the texture of the mini muffins so I think in will make those next time. -Kim. Set aside. Thank you, Hi Sue. Lol. and try using the same amount of konjac powder. Add the chocolate and butter and mix until incorporated. Keep the muffins in the refrigerator so they don’t mold and warm just slightly before enjoying. These are so good. Have a great day! I would love to make these today but don’t have any bakers chocolate. for breakfast!eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'texasgranolagirl_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',104,'0','0'])); These chocolatey coconut flour muffins are made in one bowl I love coffee, steak, and love to bake. Since this is a low carb website that caters to weight loss and diabetics, I feel compelled to say that if you are on a low carb diet, then using sugar will raise blood sugar. I’ve never heard of it. Thanks! I was picking my son up after school and shopping. Let me know how it works. This is just so lovely, I wish I had made a double batch! I usually use Baker’s or Hershey’s unsweetened baking chocolate. Have a great day. I’ve been trying to bake more with coconut flour lately, it’s less expensive than other low carb or keto friendly flours, like almond flour and I love the fact that you don’t have to use as much in a recipe, so it lasts longer. I tried not to be too aggressive with the squeezing, as I figured a little moisture is probably needed. Great, Estelle. Is that posteith this recipe? -Kim. Required fields are marked *. ], About Kim HardestyKim is a self taught cook with over 30 years experience in the kitchen. Maybe more like a brownie than a muffin but hey! Yeah, I know, we start early out here. Enjoy your week. We’ve made a video to show you how to make them step by step! Divide the mix into 12 muffin … i didnt have coffee either, but sustituted hazelnut extract. I topped them with keto cream cheese frosting, and they are awesome! Cool in pan for 5-10 minutes before removing and cool completely before enjoying! friendly, can make your morning run so much smoother. Why do you think that is? If a recipe calls for melted butter, you can use ghee, coconut oil or olive oil. I’m so glad I this one. Made these lovelies today! I honestly don’t use glucomannon very much and have had the same container for years! Thanks! Really pleased and will definitely make it again. Kim is a self taught cook with over 30 years experience in the kitchen. They were moist and delicious! Hopefully ok without those 2. This is one of my favorite recipes. You’ll have muffins in the freezer for months! She develops and tests low carb and keto recipes in her California home. And how much Pyure would you substitute? Coconut flour is very absorbent and if too much liquid is used can result in a mushy texture or if too little is used, a dry and heavy texture. She began her low carb journey in 2009 and at the urging of friends, started blogging in 2014. Best muffin recipe! Terms and Privacy What could I use as a substitute for the instant coffee? If you are looking for a great hand mixer, consider getting Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer. Have a great day. -Kim, Hi I have Sukrin Fibre and was wondering if that can be used in muffin recipes to replace the sugar or does it need to be granulated like Sukrin 1. -Kim, Hi Heather. Have a wonderful weekend. I wouldn’t use the chia simply because I haven’t worked with it much. Hi Kristi, I would use the same amount of Pyure (it’s a 1:1 sugar replacement, right?) Because these low carb chocolate muffins are so low in carbs, they fit nicely into any keto diet. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These were super soft and light compared to almond flour muffins. If you want to add chocolate chips, fold them in now. You’ll have to look for an all almond flour recipe. I can’t wait! Low carb bakers/bloggers have come a long way in making their creations taste amazing. I’m honored you look through the recipes for your weekly menus. and mixed them into the batter. Some assume an average serving and some assume an item was cooked with oil or with salt. I already have the dry ingredients measured out and ready to go :-), Hi Sheryl. Thank you for taking the time to come back and let me know and to rate the recipe. Yes, the batter is very thick – almost like a cookie dough but not quite THAT thick. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gluten-free grain-free double chocolate keto muffin, here it is! I would have to test the recipe several times to get the right ratio of almond flour to sub for the coconut flour. They turned out fantastic! Yes, these can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge or can be frozen. I prefer silicone liners, since the muffins release with ease (don’t stick), but paper liners also work. Also, here is a little trick that I have come up with to squeeze the water out of things like zucchinis. -Kim, Well… The only one I have is about 2 foot long and 12 inches around… It’s gigantic! Don't over bake. Enjoy your evening. Yum! Keep the muffins refrigerated and gently warm them before enjoying. Win! Make sure to fluff up the ingredients to remove lumps before measuring and sift the cocoa powder before measuring. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate My boyfriend only likes chocolate desserts so I’ve been trying my best to find a low carb chocolate muffin. -Kim. Five Delicious Greens to Substitute for Arugula In Any Recipe, Keto Cornbread Casserole with Ground Venison. One thing about the time to bake. Zucchini in almost any baked good is great. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients in the bowl starting with the eggs. Can you please tell me if there is anyway to change this recipe to accommodate this crazy diet I am on? I use two spoons to get it in the muffin wells. Join thousands of subscribers to get a FREE low carb recipe e-book, access to special deals, tips, and more!

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