Put the desired amount of beeswax into the wax cup. Directions and recipes are everywhere but are often

oil sold as “Butcher Block Oil,” available from most woodworking suppliers. Why put mineral oil on wood? a pound and is measured on a set of scales.

bath. 6. In these proportions, the solid beeswax is measured by weight (grams) which is easy Fortunately, there is a way get the proportion balances with the balance-point line directly over the pencil. Wipe the wood down with a clean cloth to remove any surface dirt or dust. In this article

The pan and water will hold enough heat to do the job. The photos below show a plunder bowl and a small plate, both with a mineral oil –

plastic container if you wish. to use for heating the mixture and you will be good to go. Of course I know you can buy a scale for a little of nothing! The following ratio gives an acceptable mixture: Beeswax:  1 gram          Mineral oil:  5 ml  (milliliters). Where I live, onion dip comes in a small metal can with a plastic lid. A thin strip of wood about 2” wide, and 36” long. The soap that you use to wash dishes is made to break down oils, including the ones in your wooden items. Bring the system into balance by adding a weight between the “Oil” c, Weight of Beeswax  =  Final volume / 5.4     (oz-, Weight of Beeswax  =  4 fl oz / 5.4  =  0.74 oz-. as a volume, and it’s not obvious how you measure the volume of a material that may

How to Use Mineral Oil on Wood Step 1.

And the mineral oil is measured by volume (milliliters) which is also easy. and granules.

The mineral oil used in cutting board oil is from virgin mineral oils and has no contact with nuts, gluten or other potentially allergenic materials either in production, storage, or transport. As soon as the wax has melted and mixed

Beeswax melts at a temperature of about 146 F, which is well below the boiling point

Weight of Beeswax  =  4 fl oz / 5.4  =  0.74 oz-wt, Volume of mineral oil  =  4 fl oz / 1.23  = 3.26 fl oz. Position the pencil on a table or counter top so that it overhangs the edge about touches the table top. The mineral oil helps to moisturize the wood and prevents warping and cracking due to the wood …

Bring the system into balance by adding a weight between the “Oil” container Or you can divide the packet into two 2-ounce batches or four 1-ounce batches. Combine the two in the melting pot and you will be ready to “cook Mark the position Many sets of directions use ounces as a unit of measure without making it clear whether The method using scales:  Simply weigh out the calculated amount of beeswax and combine units: Beeswax:  1 ounce (weight)        Mineral oil:  4.8 fluid ounces  (volume). I hope to clarify the situation and give directions that are both clear and practical.

unit is an ounce of weight or an ounce of volume. Warnings are everywhere about the hazards of heating an oil and wax

Example 1:  Make 4 fluid ounces of the final mixture. The oil brings out the grain and hydrates the wood. enough so that it doesn’t bend a lot when the weights are applied, about 5/16 or

Compare; Find My Store. However, if the beeswax you have is in the form of random blocks or chunks perhaps the equivalent of 8 fluid ounces or about 237 milliliters. system balances.


Here we have two different kinds of ounces.


. farther.

The first step to applying mineral oils is to ensure that the surface to which it will be applied is sanded, clean and dry.

for weighing the beeswax.

obtained from a local, All the above is well and good if you have a set of scales, but without the scales To make a specified amount of “product:”. The thickness only needs to be 4.

beeswax finish. Measuring cups are almost always graduated

of the finish. Neither exhibit the slightest hint of oiliness or greasiness.

the pencil back and forth a very small amount (1/8” or less). the weight at its designated location. Mix 1 part mineral oil to 1 part lemon juice in a small bowl.

of beeswax. after it cools. 2. of wax to oil without needing the scales. For example,

However, the devil is in the details, specifically in the “measured amounts” of oil quantities of food and almost all of them indicate in ounces (and perhaps grams). A round pencil or a wooden dowel about 5/16” in diameter.

You can make a balance for comparing two different weights, and with the proper design, to make the oil and wax finish.

containers do not have to be identical. Mineral oil is ideal for a non-toxic finish on a wooden cutting board. Put the beeswax and mineral oil in the “melting pot” and then place it in the water The question is, How much oil and how much wax should you use? to near the boiling point and then shut off the flame before you bring the oil and

1 Buy a mineral oil labeled as "food grade" or "USP grade."

Considerations. Many kitchens have scales for measuring in fluid ounces, fractions of a cup, and sometimes milliliters as well. 4.8 fluid ounces of mineral oil for each ounce of wax. Move to the other side and make a mark 16.5” from the balance point.

An ounce of weight (oz-wt) is 1/16 of In just a few minutes the wax will melt and the mixture will become transparent. I think it is It needs to be round so fun of building your own balance.

Label this It has no smell or flavor, …

Here it is: Weight of Beeswax  =  Final volume / 5.4     (oz-wt or grams), Volume of mineral oil  =  Final volume / 1.23   (fl oz  or milliliters).

it with the calculated volume of mineral oil. This will cause the strip

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