individual’s unique needs should be considered when deciding on chosen products.

If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. You can press a button on one of them to disable it if you have to open a door while the rest of the system stays armed. Prices and offers are subject to change. Other than mounting hardware, that's all you get. Google Nest Secure† plays well with other members of the Google Nest family and then some. User rating, 4.3 out of 5 stars with 315 reviews. If this is your first Nest product, you'll have to download the app and create an account before installing the Secure system. And now that Nest is fully integrated into Google, we expect to see even more options for connecting devices. drill bit to help you mount it. You can either set or disable the alarm from the base with a key code or one of the RFID fobs included in the pack - but of course you more often than not will do it directly in the app (which sends a popup if you are close to home offering to automatically disable the alarm - neat!).

The only home security products now in the Nest portfolio are video doorbells and cameras. So if you'd like to set up something that turns on the light when you open the front door, it is not available here.

The Secure uses the same web console and mobile app (for Android and iOS) as every other Nest product.

The same is true if someone tries to break in to your home. The Nest Secure Alarm system is a nice way to secure your home easily and without having to call a big company installer.

The Nest Detect sensors are easily the best part of the Nest Secure package. Stylsh and easy to setup using smart device IOS or Android as well as easy to add more devices. If you have small pets (under 40 pounds), you can use the Reduced Sensitivity setting to have the motion sensor ignore them and avoid false alerts. Another great feature is a night pathlight, when the sensor detects motion it will light up and guide your path!

Most of the support on the Nest website is designed for users to help themselves. You can also grant full access to your entire network of Nest devices. The Detect sensor is a multi-purpose sensor; it acts as an open/close sensor for doors and windows and detects motion at up to 15 feet. Once plugged in, the LED ring turned blue and a voice command told me to use the Nest app for the rest of the setup. The top of the Guard device has an LED ring and a 12-button backlit keypad that stays dark until you are prompted to enter your passcode to disarm the system. We recommend professional monitoring so you always have someone else keeping an eye out and contacting first responders in an emergency. The Nest Guard hub is a central point for an entire home security system, and importantly it’s also the most reliable. You can pay for cellular backup and still monitor the alarm yourself if you want.

Love this home security system. The sensor's light ring pulsed blue and the app identified and paired with it in 30 seconds. And, more traditional (read: archaic) security systems can cost around $1000, most of which is subsidized by the monthly monitoring fee, save for some small installation charge. The whole experience felt very intuitive and thought-out. Tap the History button to see a daily log of events such as when a door or window has been opened, when the system has been armed and disarmed, and when the Quiet Open button has been pressed. Even in a small apartment the majority of people will have more than 2 doors or windows they want to secure. And for the dog owners there is a sensitivity setting you can change to avoid false alarms. On the bright side, you aren’t required to pay a monthly fee or get professional monitoring, so for many, this is a one-time payment. The system is incredibly easy to install and setup. Long delivery times for Nest Secure security notifications undermine the value of the system’s advanced features. The Nest application walks you through the install and verifies each sensor is installed correctly.

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