©2020 TiVo Platform Technologies LLC. 0000005178 00000 n Enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your own schedule. Customers using a QAM tuner TV or other personal QAM tuner device, not connected to a digital receiver, must activate the Auto Program feature, as described in the TV/device’s Owner’s Manual, to … Local TV regularly $29.95/month. Wave TV service includes a free app so you can  watch some of your favorite shows on your screen of choice. Our representatives are happy to answer questions about our revised operations. Just want to watch all your local TV channels and keep it simple? Get all weather reliability, better choices and TV2GO provided at no additional cost. Adams Cable Service is a family owned Digital Cable TV, Broadband Internet and Digital VOIP Phone provider located at 19 N Main St. Carbondale, PA 18407 . Connecting what's now to what's next. Don’t settle for satellite and pricey contracts. h���1 0ð4�d\�B&`�'MF[����!��!��!�!�!��C��C��C. Wave Broadband Lineup Local Broadcast TV pack. Now nurses, teachers, military and first responders can get Internet for starting at $34.99/mo. Plus the peace of mind of staying connected. Take your shows and go with Wave TV on the Go. Stream video. Love movie night and double features? With participating channels like ABC, A&E, Cartoon Network, ESPN, sports and news stations, there is something for everyone. Current-season TV and past seasons 0 Newsmax TV -- leading 24/7 cable news channel with live, breaking news, latest from Washington, NY and Hollywood! Additional outlet and special wiring fees may apply. Upgrade to Digital Favorites for access to niche channels like Discovery Family Channel, Sprout, Fox Business, and more! Plan your TV viewing with local TV listings. Call for complete details. Availability of streaming content from third-party sources is subject to change and certain third-party fees may apply. Upgrade your home. For the best in TV entertainment, Wave offers a variety of the most popular cable TV channels, plus local channels, premium subscription channels like HBO Max. Our drive to be the best is unmatched in your neighborhood. Connecting neighborhoods to the world. Starting January 1, 2021, rates are increasing on select residential Internet, TV and Phone plans. Catch great shows from your computer or any compatible mobile device. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. %PDF-1.4 %���� Streaming Options: Netflix, Hulu, and Sling. 0000002981 00000 n Plus the peace of mind of staying connected. ͼ�˜|r(¨æˆ#úöş¸ù~kw%¥İå�ŸÚŞš’QÛoïì,Üà¿éşşó HfI.�Yxÿ3.=º�,ν‘¿~�lPÛ+}¸>Êñ;ûÍñ0WÌ1˜naÿ¥zÎR"}ˆ”|z2‘�Û EÁó‡KİR-¸ä8a xd';‘Am‰Š0tÁ’t´µ0x† -3¹­e�Ø4-;KæW™ãø åZY§¸ Switch to NewWave and join others in your community enjoying amazing prices, upgraded technology and hometown service. $2.72/month Interactive Equipment Fee on first digital or HD receiver. There are over 38+ plus channels in the Local TV pack of the Wave broadband. CHANNEL LINE-UP 1-866-WAVE-123 gowave.com HD LINE-UP WAVE’S HD SERVICE Wave offers more of the HD you want. Get blazing fast high-speed Internet with Wifi ONE from NewWave. What's New. 0000005294 00000 n Excludes other taxes and fees. Here you can check the list of basic channels available on the Wave Broadband Local TV pack (Basic cable pack). ?ܽ��]�WI���JA�9�3�s��zoI� �a0�0HX�hݪW�`)+�Mn�LGu� Watch matches from La Liga, Serie A, Liga Mx, Ligue Un, and more ?‚jÿj÷hŞ¿QÖ¢e * $10 charge for each add'l 100GB; Up to $50/mo. Roku provides access to 200,000+ movies and TV shows and connects you to your other favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and more. Blazing fast speeds with Wifi ONE powering all your computers, laptops, TVs, tablets and more. xref A compatible TV with a HDMI port is required to receive a TIVo Stream 4K device.

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