Apple Music marketing tools, get badges, links and widgets for Apple…, The BandLink service helps artists, bands and podcasters route fans to their…, So you have a good ear, a sound you want to promote in mind, you know a couple…, The Music Industry is Huge! Record Label In A Box is a kit that comes with everything an artist or an upstart entrepreneur would need to start their own record label and … So its 2017. It's been picking up steam around the music community, with The Times describing it as “a one-stop shop for musicians and budding record label moguls” – but what is actually in it? But they don’t get it do they? Record Label in a Box was created by independent music distributors Ditto Music, built to contain everything you could possibly need to set up and run a label. Chris Taylor of Liverpool based label Rooftop Records explains why, WIN LIMITED EDITION DOWNLOAD ZIPPO WINDPROOF LIGHTERS. Independent labels starting now have the best chance ever to have success. So its 2017. © 2012-2020 - A&R Factory. As we all know, professionals in most every industry on the planet like for things to be complicated and confusing. in the meantime we send out your RLIAB box. It includes the start-up paperwork, which will officially turn your label idea into a limited company; the record label contract pack will get you covered regarding all your legal documents and artist contracts. We recently came across a new option for potential label owners. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Don’t know Where to start? If you're serious about this, then this is a great way to get started. Do they not know that is costs a little thing called money before you can even think of starting these things? You’re still in that job you hate. There are four box sets available: basic, premium, professional and enterprise. Anything that says “In a box” kind of infers that it’s easy? Wouldn’t it be amazing if somebody just handed you a starter kit… a Record Label in a Box? Suggest a Resource Here >>>. How difficult is it really and about how long does it take to get a label up and running? You’ll be able to login to a personal networking calendar to see industry events near you and schedule a mentoring session to make sure you’re making the most of the tools available to you. Help Us Find Great Music Industry Content. Ben UFO, Dixon, Tale Of Us & More Tapped To Play Swiss Alpine Polaris Festival, Sebastian Mullaert with musicians of the Tonhalle Orchester Zürich – No Words for a Beautiful World, Premiere: Totoray – Everlasting Movement [Interlight], Why Las Vegas is Becoming Home for Electronic Music Legends, Premiere: Joannes – Comfort (Norwell Remix) [Patron Records], In Conversation: Vidis & Domenic Cappello, Premiere: Back For Good - Gymnastics (Betonkust Remix) [Turn it Down Music], Premiere: Auggië – Distrikcat [Borders Of Light], Premiere: Roman Flügel remixes Christian Löffler’s “Bergen”, In Conversation: Rebolledo vs Panthera Krause. RLIAB exists because it needs to. From access to all the legal contracts you’ll need to sign artists, help with distributing albums, to ensuring you have the right codes for legitimate sales. Always good to see that the city of Manchester have a stand, you don't usually see that with a city. Started by two brothers frustrated by the tedious nature of the music industry, Ditto Music have come up with a way of bypassing the administerial loggerheads. Even though there are now more labels than ever in the dance music industry, it’s also the best moment to start your own with the current boom in dance culture. Record Label in a Box. You’ve been talking, for what seems to your friends and relatives, an eternity about setting your own record label. Please, The Parsons brothers started out as a hip-hop act. Started by two brothers frustrated by the tedious nature of the music industry. Record Label In A Box I don't know if it's a good idea or not to start your own label, but if do and you're in the UK, then Record Label In A Box from the music aggregator Ditto Music could be for you. What are some of the extra services you offer with RLIAB? You’re still in that job you hate. The label certification guarantees your record label to be registered with the PPL and have the certificate to prove it. Don’t take my word for it. Do they know, before you can even think of starting these things? It features everything you need to start up. Just Industry News, Tips, and Exclusive Deals. After a quick conversation with Matt Parsons the founder/CEO of Ditto (parent company to RLIAB) it became apparent that this was not your average “DIY” kit, but more of a real solution for indie artists and entrepreneurs looking to get their label structure started. Because there’s a lot of planning, paper work and infrastructure that comes into the equation when you’re planning to open up your own imprint, right?

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