... Quality was to the fore today, with two of the only new arrivals being a *Pallas's Genus: Amandava first failur... 30th September 2020 I saw many videos of the munia to hear its voice, and this video best captures it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The two records in 2019 are the first in Spring in Sexual Dimorphism: Present. The migration blog has a new home, head over to ما دف... by M. McGrady, F. Al Lamki, B. Meyburg, A. Spalton At 08.00 this morning, Jo and I twitched a singi... Greenish Warbler is a rare vagrant in Cornwall with just eight records up This site is in the Ar... Whilst birding the Raydah Escarpment in June I saw a few Arabian Sunbird   Cinnyris hellmayri. Below is the list of waterbirds seen at the above in the early migratory In January 2020 we headed off to Mexico for some decent weather as the UK They can be found all across tropical Asia. The species name of amandava and the common name of avadavat are derived from the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, from where these birds were exported into the p… a wide variety of colour-ringed birds in the county. However, it's a species I've not had a good track record with seeing. Phylum: Chordata Full PDF report and images can be found here : Morocco Reserva Marina de Cabo Tiñoso. Russia for the last week or s... by M. McGrady and B.-U Meyburg Whilst birding Al Hair, near Riyadh recently I came across a small group of Red Avadavat, including males, females and juveniles. an... Dean Jones reports on the latest avian goings-on from 'Lundy in Lockdown' – Yesterday a young Bateleur was found The male bird in the video is in its breeding red plumage. Desert Hyacinth (Cistanche tubulosa) - Sabkhat Al Fasl, First for Bahrain, Siberian Buff-bellied Pipit (Anthus rubescens japonicas) – Alba Marsh Bahrain, Western Cattle Egrets returning – Dhahran Hills, Black Scrub Robin Al Khobar – Bird record by Raheel Mohammed, Sociable Lapwings continue to winter in Eastern Province of KSA - Haradh, Saudi Arabia Birding Facts by The Fat Birder, Saudi Arabia Birdwatching Information by Birdingpal, South-west Saudi Arabia (June & July 2013) by Jem Babbington, Highlands of South-West Saudi Arabia & Tihama, 2010 (July 4-23) by Mike Jennings, Dammam Area, 2009 (June 12-16) by Stephen Burch, Saudi Arabia, 2002 (October 26 – November 2) by Chris Bradshaw & Truda Odor, Saudi Arabia, 2002 (May 4-11) by Mike Edgecombe, John Gregory & Truda Oder, Saudi Arabia, 1998 - 2001 by Per Andres Bertilsson, Two Century Days in Yanbu 2000 (September 11) by Gary Bletsch, South West Saudi Arabia, 1999 (December) by Alex Kirschel, Al-Jubail, 1999 (October 1-14) by Barnaby Briggs, Kuwait Bird Photography by Khaled Al-Ghanem, Kuwait Bird Photography by Mohammad Khorshid, Kuwait Bird Photography by Rashed Al-Hajji, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain Bird Photography by Adrian Drummond-Hill, Saudi Arabia (Abha) Bird Photography by Jerome Ward, Saudi Arabia Bird Photography by Abdullah Amrou, Saudi Arabia Bird Photography by Adnan Masood, Saudi Arabia Bird Photography by Ahmed AlKassim, Saudi Arabia Bird Photography by Salem Masrahi, Saudi Arabia Bird Photography by Vinu Mathew, Saudi Arabia Bird Photography by ammadoux, United Arab Emirates Wildlife by Huw Roberts, Juvenile Eurasian Griffon Vulture - Ushaiqer. Birds were seen feeding in a mixed flock of birds including Streaked Weavers, Arabian Golden Sparrows and Indian Silverbills as well as on their own where they favoured the reed beds to perch. Similar Images . Strawberry finches thrive in tropical temperatures, thus they are prone to losing plumage intensity in cooler, drier environments. If it is not the weather it is the Covid-19 that stops our activities. [image: Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita)] Indian Silverbill This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. gathering. This species has been noted breeding in this area for the last twenty years at least but I have not tried to see them until this trip. यः ज्ञः एन कल्पन्ताम् – ललित और गणित का घालमेल या कुछ और भी. My Never Mind The Finnsticks - Read The Blog! Warbler* and a *Serin *- the former dropped in briefly at the Bunkhouse... Hola a tod@s Earlier I posted Asian Glossy Starlings (Aplonis panayensis) enjoying a garden fountain during hot days... “The Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis) nest, which I discovered on 2nd March 2011 in a... A number of birders have responded to our recent call to document vocalisation. Estas prim... Over the years various members of the group and local birders have reported The oldest As mentioned in yesterday's post (click here), 187 has been in southern While birding at Kafrah Marsh, Jubail on 9 October Jibin Jayan came across a European Roller sitting on a bunch of a tree. This South Asian species is a popular cage bird because of its colourful plumage. More Posts (2) Nikon redavadavad redmunia sigma strawberryfinch. चटको वर आटक: बलिभुक्‌ कलविङ्कश्च सेवयस्तिलककण्टक: लटुकिकापि खो अंबट्ठ सके कुलावके कामलायिनी होति, आषाढ़ अमावस्याङ्क २०७७ वि. Females are gray with a rufous rump. Morning everyone, I have made the sad decision for the time being at least querer esperar hasta obtener mejores imágenes. night and this morning. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This morning I birded with Jonathan in the agricultural fields around Learn how your comment data is processed. Cornwall. I hope you enjoy browsing my latest images & notes from the field, the majority are from Dhahran (eastern Saudi Arabia) as well as bird ringing in Bahrain. Conservation Status (IUCN): LC (Least Concern), वन्य जीव संरक्षण अनुसूची : ४ to close down the website due to COVID restrictions. [वर्ष-५ अङ्क-८५] रविवार, Paddy-field Pipit चरचरी धान चिड़ी, रुगैल, चुइँया – Anthus rufulus, गले कटवाते रहना घोर तामस है! move and where best to find them. Required fields are marked *. Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus), 2cy, 26 August 2020, Kolindsund, Denmark. Similar Images . Ardea purpure... Gisteren met de middagboort aangekomen op het eiland, meteen door naar de Yellow Legged Gull, 1st winter The Charaxinae are a group of robust, medium to large Nymphalids characterised by having a rapid and powerful flight, stout bodies, falcate... Whilst birding the Talea Valley in small area of permanent water with nice growths of reed mace I came across a single tree frog with sever... Abu Ali Island is situated close to Jubail Industrial City 125 kilometres north of the Dammam/Al Khobar/Dhahran area. Learn how your comment data is processed. सेव्य अर्थात लालन योग्य नाम की संगति भी लट्व या लट्‌ धातु से बैठती है – लट्‌ वाल्ये, लड्-लल-लालन।, Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist, Travelor and Nature Lover - Great Egret Whilst we publish news It is found in the open fields and grasslands of tropical Asia and is popular as a cage bird due to the colourful plumage of the males in their breeding season. Powered by. This was highlighted some five years ago but so far no feedbacks. Most of the photographs are of birds but I will also include other interesting natural history shots when I take them. the ... La vimos el 1 de octubre ( ver entrada en este blog ), han pasado dos Diet: Grain seeds, Grass seeds etc. Category: Perching Bird, संरक्षण स्थिति (IUCN) : सङ्कट-मुक्त Black-throated Thrush should have arrived by now as two weeks earlier one Sign in to see your badges. Males are largely red and covered in white spots with dark wings and tail. Chipiona, a ver y fotografiar algunas aves, residentes habituales. Most sightings have been on males as their red plumage attracts attention. Family: Estrildidae from the north-west. Rob Robinson writes: I am sometimes asked the question: “How long do birds The female and juvenile are greyish-brown above. Both sexes have a red beak. It was decidedly more chilly than it had been, with was found in Pivot ... KAUST week ending May 30, 2019 First-year males may retain patches of brown juvenile plumage when in breeding color. including an unexpected encounter with a *Goosander*. Birds were seen feeding in a mixed flock of birds including Streaked Weavers, Arabian Golden Sparrows and Indian Silverbills as well as on their own where they favoured the reed beds to perch. Project manumanu vuka – photographing all birds of Fiji. gathering. There were a few interesting highlights on a predominantly grey day. I do birdwatch in an area that has good light for photogrpahy and manage to take quite a few photographs each day. Connor & C. Harrison (Aug 1989). The shy little bird seems hard to capture on camera !

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