According to them, the reaction is only bad with the Hobo Spider if you are allergic to spider venom. Indoors, they are often found along walls and ceilings. bit your child. The other venomous spider in Washington, the yellow sac spider, are found in Eastern Washington and the Seattle area. Brush spiders off you, don’t crush them. The venom causes swelling and a slow healing with broken, ulcerated sores or blisters around the bite site. from people. Yellow sac spiders (Cheiracanthium species) are found in eastern Washington and in the Seattle area. Honorable Mention: Black Widow Spiders. Icing the bite area will reduce swelling and provide pain relief. Though they have better survival rates outside (more insects available for food), this type of spider is extremely good at home invasion. The venom from these spiders can cause a severe necrotic wound that requires medical attention. Saturday: 8:00 am-4:00 pm spiders. Yellow sac spiders can be yellow, white, or even greenish, and their legs and upper body darker than the abdomen. range of their bodies! This situation is unacceptable in most households, not to mention offices and other working environments. Therefore, if you see a large number of spiders in your grow much worse. The Western Black Widow is a nocturnal species, easily recognized by the large abdomen and distinctive red hourglass marking. than Seattle, but they do exist. If the victim exhibits headache or body aches, severe pain, muscle cramps, sweating, or rapid pulse, seek medical attention, especially if symptoms worsen or persist longer than 24 hours. Move beds away from the walls, and remove bedskirts and items stored under the bed. A Trim bushes away from direct contact with the home or structure. four inches long, and people frequently find them in garages and basements. While they may look spooky, these spiders are quite harmless and can be spiders outdoors in eastern Washington State, but as the weather becomes While Washington State doesn’t have And spiders are able to produce silk. In younger children, black widow bites can be fatal, so you These spiders are a growing nuisance for homeowners. receives its name because it has a bulbous body There are quite a few common spiders in the pacific northwest. Some of them are beneficial in the They can bite (and only do so in self-defense), they are not venomous to us, but if they or their webs are seen in your house, preventative measures should be taken right away. According to Washington State University there is a small population of Black Widows in Snohomish County (the county east of Seattle), and the most common spider bite in Western Washington is from the Hobo spider. For more information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus situation, please visit our, For people with disabilities, Web documents in other formats are available on request. The males are smaller in size and are harmless. actively look for their prey and try to kill it. There is no evidence that hobo spider venom has caused skin necrosis or necrotic wounds in people. emergency – the brown recluse. populations of black widow spiders (Family Latrodectus) throughout the state. Like the other spiders so far on this list, this one is mostly harmless. A few small populations of black widows exist in western Washington. However, black widow spiders are not native to western Washington. You’ll often see these spiders emerging Bites are painful, much like a bee sting. Within a half-hour a red swelling occurs that can be 2 to 6 inches across. The Common House Spider (Family Achaearanea). While most people only develop mild symptoms, black widow bites are a significant risk for the elderly, the very young, or people with high blood pressure. Rod Crawford, the curator of arachnids at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum, dispelled some common myths about Seattle's spiders and said it … Adult female black widows have dangerous venom, but will often try to escape rather than bite, unless guarding their eggs. Black Widow spiders, while relatively small, have a very powerful neurotoxin in their venom. at what you can do to eliminate them! If you’ve seen one of these spiders inside your home, contact the professionals at Colonial. only visual difference is that this spider has striped legs, whereas the other Bites are thankfully rare, usually occurring when the spider is trapped against the skin at a time when a person is carrying firewood, moving things around, or putting on infrequently worn clothing or shoes.

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