Leonardo Velasco, M. Victoria Ruiz-Méndez, in Sunflower, 2015. The total world sunflower oil production since 2001 is presented in Table 1. Sunflower oil is broadly used for retailing and as frying oil. Dilipkumar Pal, in Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention, 2011. {�H���s��4y��7f����h��fӻ��ofR�Aհ�pNJ�^��"�[f�����ڞ�ޓ�[r�w�{����@,� Gt*|2�6�҅���UP�W��i�kP�.c)4�V_T��� :�~��I Hydrogenated sunflower oil is used for margarine or spread production. range by dropping the IV to 76–72 (nD60 1.4543) with 0.05–0.08% fresh Ni/oil at 140–150°C and 3 atm. Soybean oil shows a value of 0.61 % trans/IV unit. The sunflower seed consumed as a snack is commonly referred to as confectionery sunflower seed. Studies had shown that substituting sunflower oil for SFA in the diet may result in decreasing total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, which is thought to be favorable with respect to decreasing risk of cardiovascular disease. Frying potatoes in sunflower oil following domestic conditions shows that polar content increases in oil and fried potatoes. Oil production is highly dependent on the crop and, thus, is changeable from season to season. State PHYSICAL PROPERTIES of sunflower oil in terms of Melting Point, Boiling Point, Flash Point, Ignition Temperature, Colour, Odour, Density, Solubility in Water and Solubility in Organic Solvent. The refined sunflower oil has a pale yellow color and a mild flavor. Stick products require 35 % IV 98 and 35 % IV 65 oil with the balance liquid sunflower oil. The TFA contents of these basestocks are of the order of 60 %, or about 1.12 % trans/IV unit. Cottonseed oil Cottonseed oil, RBD. **These oils are the best for frying because they not only have a high enough smoke point; they’re also The degradation must be ascribed to a lower turnover of fresh oil during frying, but in industrial cooking, where a high turnover of fresh oil is used, sunflower oil can be used successfully. Coconut oil . The traditional sunflower oil is high in PUFA content (mainly LA) and low in SFA. Some minor constituents such as tocopherols and phytosterols have a major positive impact on nutritional and/or technological properties of the oil. It is one of the most appreciated oils for domestic use in Western countries, where it is a common ingredient of salads and cooking recipes, as a well as the choice oil for frying. The reduced amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids makes high oleic sunflower oil especially stable against oxidation. w��@�-��X��(��E�nq�ⲫu���L�#.>T�� |ְ���kG�٣�r�.�7|A�'�R��ؕGGf O��M\�� ����[h�q)���i錘�-�"�۞}�qOd��^�9�J�� ����q�����g��� l�Y�32؍�&~�����}��ùZ�I�����պ��r�x�gg&�rq֧iS���n���WL8V���mS�[�Q׻^n�7$�f�\����� ��W�c۔W����Ȏ���հO1:��>-�+�Mm�qS\Y|Oh��v�A�Oq@dS m�Ci+��У��w�6ڧ�SЧlꔶ���U m��6֧l�����)�r1���*��U�F�g��?I�����ll Open circles, sunflower oil used in discontinuous frying of French fries without replenishment with fresh oil. Sunflower oil behaves much like soybean oil during hydrogenation. Sunflower oil is classed as semidrying, non-yellowing oil, making it suitable for industrial purposes such as oil-based and light-tinted paints, as well as potentially in the production of lacquers, copolymers, resins, biofuel, and as a carrier or adjuvant for pesticides. It contains about 10 % saturated acids and 73 % linoleic acids. Argentina is also preferred, especially for the second half of the season, when the Black Sea exportable supplies are getting lower, but Argentina has lost importance in the international sunflower trade arena in recent years due to reduced production and also because of its proximity. Sunflower Oil Imports (1000 t/Million $) by Years in Turkey. Although sunflower oil is considered premium oil, with a correct equilibrium between linoleic acid and tocopherols, the benefits of monounsaturated fatty acids to health have encouraged the production of new sunflower oils. Find chemicals information Sunflower oil at guidechem, professional and easy to use. These have the advantage that their monounsaturated fat levels are lower than in other oleic sunflower oils. In Turkey, the government supports local sunflower oil refiners with the IPO (not paying the 22% import duty on crude sunflower oil imports if they are exported as refined sunflower oil). Sunflower oil and high-oleic-acid sunflower oil behavior in frying potato. The amount of polymers and dimers of triacylglycerols formed in sunflower oil through deep-fat frying is also lower in the frequent turnover of fresh oil than in the null turnover one. HOSO seems to be a rather stable oil and has been recently studied. 332 - 338 . All purpose shortening can be formulated from 92 % IV 86 oil and 8 % fully hydrogenated cottonseed or palm oil (Davidson et al., 1996). Patterson, in Hydrogenation of Fats and Oils (Second Edition), 2011. Sunflower oil provides a good starting point for the production of hydrogenated fats with a relatively flat melting curve in the 32–36°C m.p. 4 0 obj S.C. Savva, A. Kafatos, in Encyclopedia of Food and Health, 2016. Marmesat et al. Sunflower oil is one of the most important vegetable oils employed for deep-frying. %��������� SO obtained from SS may contribute to this balance (www.health.am/cholesterol). Tub margarines are formulated from IV 75–80 (50 %) and 50 % liquid oil. The benefit of the high turnover of sunflower oil has also been found in the frying of frozen foods (potatoes, fish fingers, croquettes, pastries, etc.) Sunflower oil is used in cooking, salad dressings, and manufacture of fat spreads. Sunflower oil is the fifth in production among edible vegetable oils in the world. List, J.W. Melt/Freeze Point Temperature Monounsaturated Fat % Polyunsaturated Fat % Saturated Fat % Cottonseed Oil-55F (48C) 18: 54: 28: Flax Seed Oil-11F (-24C) 21: 71: 8: Almond Oil: 0F (-18C) 73: 19: 8: Sunflower Oil: 1F (-17C) 20: 69: 11: Safflower Oil: 2F (-17C) 14: 78: 8: Soybean Oil: 3F (-16C) 24: 61: 15: Corn Oil: 12F (-11C) 25: 61: 14: Canola Oil: 14F (-10C) 58: 35: 7: Grapeseed Oil: 14F (10C) 57: 29: 14: … Peanut oil Peanut oil, hardened . The hybrid oil also has lower saturated fat levels than linoleic sunflower oil. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. Now, newer versions of sunflower oil are available as a hybrid, containing linoleic acid. Soybean oil[*] Refined 450°F / 232°C Sunflower oil Unrefined 225°F / 107°C Sunflower oil, high oleic Unrefined 320°F / 160°C Sunflower oil[*] Refined 450°F / 232°C *These oils have a smoke point high enough to be used for frying.

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