Some supply chains are mature and relatively unchanging. (Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai. Advances in commerce have caused modern consumers to raise their baseline expectations. A retailer can therefore use AI to predict which products are more cost-efficient to stock in a certain warehouse based on its proximity to certain areas. Given the importance of supply chains, it’s no surprise that many trends in supply chain management center around the improvement of the supply chain itself, with new business models gaining traction. The paper analyses and develops key aspects, concepts and principal themes concerning the emergence and evolution of supply chains over their lifecycle. Supply chains evolve and change in size, shape and configuration, and in how they are coordinated, controlled and managed. The company shipping the fish can see if the temperature exceeded the allowable threshold and the real temperature at any point in the journey, and if this has affected the cargo this capability allows them to mitigate food quality issues. (2016), "Supply chain evolution – theory, concepts and science", International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. Because of this increase in demand, the entire supply chain is rapidly evolving from having a functional orientation to a global and interconnected network of data and processes. Understanding the supply chain lifecycle and how supply chains evolve provides new perspectives for contemporary supply chain design and management. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. New supply chains may emerge and evolve for a variety of reasons. and Zhao, X. With more small and specialized last-mile distribution centers being built for different products and needs, the delivery methods of these products can be diversified further. Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and automation are being integrated into the digital supply network, which integrates data and information from different sources to drive distribution of manufactured goods along the value chain. Supply chain technology trends also heavily feature robotics, IoT, and blockchain, which are all projected to make the supply chain … They then verified if they needed help or resources, given the impact, to get the operations back up and productive. The paper argues that a new science is needed to investigate and understand the supply chain lifecycle. There are several new and emerging ways that businesses are transforming their supply chains to meet modern customer demands. AI, automated vehicles, blockchain, and other transformative advances will be given the power of geographic context with spatial analytics, and this allows the digital supply network to function as a digital model of the entire supply chain. Visit to discover the latest news and updates, Answers to the most commonly asked questions here. In warehousing goods, for example, AI and location intelligence can help retailers maintain a competitive edge for their product delivery and supply chain operations. Once management finally discovers the root of the issue, it might be too late to mitigate damage, especially if they operate across the world and in different time zones from where the disruption is taking place. One reality that has complicated supply chains of the future in terms of sheer logistics, is their global nature. Comprehensively teaches the fundamentals of supply chain theory This book presents the methodology and foundations of supply chain management and also demonstrates how recent developments build upon classic models. For instance, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico closed several roadways and impacted the supplier operations of a major US car manufacturer. Average temperature and location are tracked on the GeoBlockchain dashboard. Some are subject to significant change. Supply chains are critical for the world economy and essential for modern life. This can be a revolutionary new tool, for instance, if a company is shipping perishables like fish, and they must remain at a certain temperature the entire way. Previously, I worked in the consumer goods industry as a supply chain optimization and analytics specialist.

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