After stepping down as chairman of the Justice Society of America, Michael Holt would later found his own superhero group called the Terrifics, a DC pastiche of the Fantastic Four. The Terrifics are the fantastic four of DC now. While not as accomplished as Richards in any one field, Mr. Impact Wrestling Recap: Who Shot John E. Bravo Revealed! "The Terrifics" is a ham-handed attempt to shoehorn these four characters into an ersatz "Future Foundation"-era Fantastic Four rip-off. She can't suffocate Phantiom Girl...she doesn't need to breath and is always intangible form,also Metamorpho doesn't need to breathe either. Wonder Woman's Future State, The X-Men No More? Preeeeetty sure Plastic Man can solo. Note: I'll get much better with these fights, its been a long while since I've done versus battles. But when she chooses to go tangible her body has been contaminated but he Dark Universe leading her to have volatile reactions with everything she comes into contact with. In short, when you strip away their teams, their unrelated abilities, and their alternate-universe achievements, does DC or Marvel have the smarter hero? Powerless and lost, Ben and Johnny fight for their survival in the wasteland ruled by … THE SPIDER. Terrific is an athlete, inventor, spy, doctor, and scientist, he tends to top out at being one of the best in the world at whatever he chooses to do. Fantastic, was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961. I don't deny that. Superheroes are often defined by their showier abilities. Founder of Bleeding Cool. @matchesmalone21: Atlee. We're talkin' gas armies, rock monsters, orbs of Ra and ancient element people to boot! Terrific was created by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake in 1997 for Spectre #54. Doop And Gwenpool In The Final X Of Swords Battle? I don't think Phantom Girl materializing and melting him would really work. : New York Central Park. : New York Central Park. SRP: $3.99, TERRIFICS #5 : The multiverse is collapsing and all life will be lost unless a clear winner is left standing. While Mr. But will the Spider destroy them first…or will the shocking revelations? Wolverine is formidable but I don't give her odds over anyone. On Earth, in space, and in other dimensions, Richards has developed countless inventions that surpass any other specialist in his fields of interest, from robotic helpers, to miracle drugs, to unheard-of energy sources, to new teleportation tech, and even into the realms of cloning, time travel, and interdimensional warfare. More than any of my other aspects, he has the capacity to learn, comprehend, and apply all there is to know. (Spoilers), Comics: Comic Book News, Rumors & Information - Bleeding Cool, Mesprit Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players: Lake Legends. Sues powers offset plastic man who is the only major threat. Michael Holt has a genius-level intellect and has earned 14 PhDs in various fields from multiple highly respected institutions. 0. Interesting team up. But today's Marvel-Two-In-One #7, the preservation of the Fantastic Four spirit until the book returns, we get a new name fpor the combination of the Thing, the Human Torch and Doctor Doom…, It appears that two can play at this game…, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #7 Terrific has a wider range of capabilities, and is a skilled Olympic-level athlete, surgeon, spy, and businessman. Fantastic four (marvel comics) vs The Terrifics (dc comics) Battle. He doesn't have to kill him, he can encase him in a fire tornado until he passes out which is something he's done to friend and foe alike. @matchesmalone21: If you're gonna keep editing OP, take the callouts out. Terrific is capable of doing things Mr. team 1 could win with prep because Terrific is that smart, but without prep they'd be better served running away. You are indeed where you belong. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. They have no defense. The Battle Grounds! Encase him in a fire tornado to suffocate it or for it to passes out with the temperature? 1hr prep. He was the White King of the DC spy organization Checkmate (in the DC series of the same name), runs a successful business empire, and is currently investigating interplanetary war crimes in Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Strange Adventures. Terrific invisible to electronic detection and allow him to fly. What happens when the Terrifics have to fight a whole town made entirely out of… Metamorpho?! Terrific might be able to think of a strategy using metamorphosis, some kind of knock out gas or sedative. Team 1 wins. Press J to jump to the feed. Plastic Man, Mr terrific, Phantom Girl, and Metamorpho, Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider, Cho Hulk, X-23, Silk. Fantastic is not - and has shown himself to be far, far more able to split his attention over different fields (Reed's scientific pursuits often lead him to neglect his family, let alone become an Olypian and a spymaster), he's simply never pushed any of his many disciplines as far as Reed pushes his own - which, lest we forget, includes most schools of modern science. Terrific's T-Spheres have curbstomped Captain Nazi, a guy who's overpowered Black Adam before. Father of two. Terrific, Metamorpho and Plastic Man can handle the other three.

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