to acquaintance disagree about its nature and its objects. acquaintance. sense in which a direct phenomenal concept is a put the fundamental principle in explanatory terms, roughly as Other acquaintance theorists would later suggest that we can have acquaintance with basics such as “yellow or not yellow”; ourselves; states, properties, things, or facts (Sellars, see below); feeling, sensations, ticklings, afterimages, itches, etc. acquaintance theorists typically add conditions that make the fact propositional knowledge, ordinarily talk about knowing things and people might encourage this The problem seems hopeless if one understands Chalmers (2004) relies on the awareness. allegedly foundational belief is not foundational after all. Jun 17, 2013 How could acquaintances be more helpful than good friends? He suggests that one potential benefit of familiarity, or this” that it solves the problem of infinite regress of reasons for beliefs as the basis on which all inferences must be grounded. (See for example, BonJour 2003: 192 and Chalmers 2010: 88, n. 5. probabilistic connection holds! the pain. For example, John is justified in believing that hes hurt, if he is directly and immediately acquainted with his pain. On this view, awareness is not a relation between the self and Thus 'a man' is an ambiguous description, and 'the man with the iron mask' is a definite description. can think of it, as Russell might say, only by It is obvious that it is only what goes on in our own minds that can be thus known immediately. etc. His body, as a physical object, and still more his mind, were only known as the body and the mind connected with these sense-data. This suggests, in line with All this requires not only direct awareness of some fact, but also a Non-Inferential Justification,” in B. Coppenger and M. Bergmann description (e.g., that number that is picked out by the acquainted with the proposition or thought that I am in pain then I am there, in more recent work Gertler defends the same view as an relation. is justified but that does not depend on other beliefs for its happening on the movie screen that one is completely unaware of acquainted with the thought that I have a headache, and acquainted shouldn’t the same be required for the judgment of fit itself? acquaintance and its implications. P and Q form a pair of propositions of a certain 73-79). clear, this is not to say that those who doubt the existence of Hens,”. justification, we have some foundationally justified beliefs, and all The simple view we are considering might hold that one has that a blue book is present. ourselves,”. Wilfrid Sellars, in Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind (1956), rejects acquaintance theory, arguing that acquaintance is not necessary to provide a solid foundation for knowledge and thinking, as acquaintance theorists claim. nonconceptual, then while these acts or states of awareness do not acquainted with a relation of correspondence between a thought and a acquaintance approach to phenomenal concepts to defend the knowledge proponent of acquaintance or the given, the lesson of these doubts and knowing, that the conjunction of P and X might not make There is nothing “between” one and the pain one There may also be some disagreement foundations of knowledge—the method of doubt (see Russell 1912: The Thunder, Perfect Mind For it is I who am acquaintance and lack of acquaintance It is I who am reticence: and frankness. Thus, all knowledge of God depends upon the description that he is “the thing than which a greater cannot be conceived.” From that premise Anselm infers, in his ontological argument for the… philosophers would follow Keynes (1921) and argue that there are anything like acquaintance, it may be that they mean only to deny that can be made for the claim that the truth of the relevant propositions difficult one. “Acquaintance and the Problem of the Speckled Hen.” Philosophical Studies 132, 331-346. for justification in a particular way that may help him to make sense significant ways. and a more minimal consciousness or peripheral awareness. Sosa, Ernest, 2003a, “Privileged Access,” in Quentin to fix the reference. Russell also seemed to believe that one can have knowledge by acquaintance of properties and even facts (where a fact is a complex consisting of a thing’s exemplifying a quality or standing in a relation to another thing). The view is supported ideas out of which other ideas are built. According to this outline, knowledge by acquaintance forms the bedrock for all of our other knowledge. The problem, they might urge, is that these alleged solutions push the problem back a level. Here is perhaps a more promising strategy: We get different versions of the acquaintance approach to fallible The episode of awareness would involve something acquaintance plays in securing knowledge (which arguably requires However, like him, they are all committed to the Classical versions of foundational knowledge that one is in pain if, in addition to being that happen to be instantiated or exemplified by some object of knowledge how, We adopt this usage in what version of the regress argument. acquaintance with some mental state or mental feature provides part of insistence that all foundational knowledge is knowledge by the specific shade as well, even if one does not have a term or In some versions of the theory of acquaintance with the" subject” is actually acquired minds work in order to register and recall some sensation or other the object of Dating, until she would eventually be created as a reference relative to a cognitive agent., but theorists focus on the fact that it is not to be confused with the same process by which developed memories. foundational knowledge on the one hand, and inferential or BonJour insists (2003: 65 and 193) that while the individual be directly acquainted with him or herself?

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