[citation needed]. Data compilation copyright J.Chem.Eng.Data 17 (1972) 307-310, Scatchard G.; Satkiewicz F.G.: XII. © 2018 by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ethane can displace oxygen and become an asphyxiation hazard. [28] [7] Ethane was discovered dissolved in Pennsylvanian light crude oil by Edmund Ronalds in 1864.[8][9]. Among the earliest experimental evidence of this barrier (see diagram at left) was obtained by modelling the entropy of ethane. This error was corrected in 1864 by Carl Schorlemmer, who showed that the product of all these reactions was in fact ethane. Friend, D. G., Ingham, H., and Ely, J. F. (1991) Thermophysical properties of ethane. It arises through reactions such as this: Similar reactions (with agents other than oxygen as the hydrogen abstractor) are involved in the production of ethylene from ethane in steam cracking. : Dampfdruck von Ethanol bei Temperaturen von 4 bis 46°C. In this process, chilled gas is expanded through a turbine, reducing the temperature to about −100 °C (−148 °F).     P = vapor pressure (bar) with the development of data collections included in Technology, Office of Data Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. Answer our short survey to better satisfy you! J. Phys. Ethane can be viewed as two methyl groups joined, that is, a dimer of methyl groups. Monograph (1897) 1-222, Chun K.W. [27] Global ethane emission rates declined from 1984 to 2010,[27] though increased shale gas production at the Bakken Formation in the U.S. has arrested the decline by half. Today, ethane is an important petrochemical feedstock and is separated from the other components of natural gas in most well-developed gas fields. that ethane produced in this fashion on Titan rained back onto the moon's surface, and over time had accumulated into hydrocarbon seas or oceans covering much of the moon's surface. The physical origin of the barrier is still not completely settled,[16] although the overlap (exchange) repulsion[17] between the hydrogen atoms on opposing ends of the molecule is perhaps the strongest candidate, with the stabilizing effect of hyperconjugation on the staggered conformation contributing to the phenomenon. In 2006, Dale Cruikshank of NASA/Ames Research Center (a New Horizons co-investigator) and his colleagues announced the spectroscopic discovery of ethane on Pluto's surface. errors or omissions in the Database. Hendl, S., et al. Recommendations : Air Liquide has gathered data on the compatibility of gases with materials to assist you in evaluating which materials to use for a gas system. Related compounds may be formed by replacing a hydrogen atom with another functional group; the ethane moiety is called an ethyl group. The bond parameters of ethane have been measured to high precision by microwave spectroscopy and electron diffraction: rC–C = 1.528(3) Å, rC–H = 1.088(5) Å, and ∠CCH = 111.6(5)° by microwave and rC–C = 1.524(3) Å, rC–H = 1.089(5) Å, and ∠CCH = 111.9(5)° by electron diffraction (the numbers in parentheses represents the uncertainties in the final digits).[13]. 60 (1938) 1278-1287, Kretschmer C.B. . P = vapor pressure (bar) T = temperature (K) Temperature (K) A B C Reference Comment; 91.33 - 144.13: 4.50706: 791.3-6.422: Carruth and Kobayashi, 1973 : Coefficents calculated by NIST from author's data. [15] The three hydrogens at each end are free to pinwheel about the central carbon-carbon bond when provided with sufficient energy to overcome the barrier. At standard temperature and pressure, ethane is a colorless, odorless gas. Ref. No raw data such as these can cover all conditions of concentration, temperature, humidity, impurities and aeration. This reaction proceeds through the propagation of the ethyl radical: Because halogenated ethanes can undergo further free radical halogenation, this process results in a mixture of several halogenated products. The name has been derived from "ether", which comes from Latin "aether" and Greek "aithēr", meaning "upper air.". 15: 1. Cooling this ethane below ca. Repeated presses of this key uses its best efforts to deliver a high quality copy of the Coefficents calculated by NIST from author's data. The purpose of the fee is to recover costs associated [all data], Loomis and Walters, 1926 Institute of Standards and Technology, nor is it intended to imply Hendl, S., et al. such sites. The economic viability of this process may rely on the low cost of ethane near Saudi oil fields, and it may not be competitive with methanol carbonylation elsewhere in the world. HTML 5 canvas support. Ethane was first synthesised in 1834 by Michael Faraday, applying electrolysis of a potassium acetate solution. [25], Ethane occurs as a trace gas in the Earth's atmosphere, currently having a concentration at sea level of 0.5 ppb,[26] though its preindustrial concentration is likely to have been only around 0.25 part per billion since a significant proportion of the ethane in today's atmosphere may have originated as fossil fuels.

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