When combined with the Fawn mutation, some of the flecks of gray often seen on the heads of some White Zebras is reduced or eliminated. Male: All white feathering. The male is distinguished from the female by its chestnut cheek patches, a character that gave the species the alternative name of Chestnut-eared Finch. Standard/Gray Zebra Finch $20 Black Cheek Zebra Finch $25 White Zebra Finch $30 Have 10 adult zebra finches available. There is obviously reason for that. Legs and beak retain the orange/red coloring of the normal. When breeding Whites from birds that are split for the mutation, its best to pay close attention to the chicks should they be mixed with normals. The small chest of this cute bird has black and white stripes like zebras. Thus they are so named. .of 10 IF PICKED UP, OUTSIDE RAISED --ALL COLORS- SHIPPING OK---SHIPPING MIN ORDER 30 TO100-- LOCAL PICK UP OK NO TEXT-NO E-MAIL CALL ONLY our phone number, Birds+cage, I am moving out therefore I am selling my birds. I am a hobbyist, not a breeder, residing in northern New Jersey. Zebra Finches are the most common and widespread of Australia's grassfinches, found across the Australian mainland, with the exception of Cape York Peninsula and some coastal areas. The remainder of the belly and the undertail are white. Insects may be taken at any time of the year, but are particularly favoured when feeding young. Interesting Zebra Finches Facts: 1. They can be found in a variety of habitats, mainly dry wooded grasslands, bordering watercourses. Hey Guys Welcome to All About Pets. 2. The throat and upper breast are pale grey, with fine black barring, and there is a broad black band on upper chest. https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/574023t/1595508105/zebra-finch-for-sale.jpg. Birds have also been reported to nest in hollows in the ground, although this behaviour is uncommon. With a time-span of 70 to 80 days from hatching to becoming sexually active, the Zebra Finch is one of the fastest maturing bird species recorded. If you're interested you can reach me out at the gmail address mattbroughton35 There are…, Zebra finches are arguably the most popular and commonly kept Australian finch species. White Zebra Finch Classifieds by BirdsNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. 5 are just babies and 2 are their parents. 7 Zebra Finches for Sale, 5 Babies & Both Their Parents, Local Pickup Only. Zebra Finches are most commonly found in the drier areas of Australia, living year round in social flocks of up to 100 or more birds. Wild stocks began to plummet as demand for the birds increased, and in 1960 Australia finally banned the export of Zebra finches (and, indeed, all native animals). This will often disappear after the first molt, but may not be complete. Both sexes have red eyes and bill. Have 10 adult zebra finches available. Notes In shows, some of the Whites entered are actually Pied Zebras. The introduction of artificial dams and water tanks has actually increased the Zebra Finch's natural range, as the birds need to drink on a regular basis. Are there any distinctive features about the bird? Feeding takes place on the ground, and, unlike some other grassfinches, birds never pull seed heads down with their feet. The male gathers almost all the nesting material, with which the female constructs the loose dome-shaped nest. Adult males are raspberry red on the head, breast, back and rump; their back is streaked. Legs and beak retain the orange/red coloring of the normal.

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