It involves complex formulas and procedures and has little to no relevance to our daily lives. Mathematics, as a study of patterns, both practical and abstract, involves analytical thought, logical reasoning, problem solving skills, and precise communication. In his Consolation of Philosophy, Boethius suggests that studying astronomy with all of its order and regularity harmonizes the soul and gives us a window into the mind of God. Data Scientist2. But in pursuit of wisdom, we have to listen for what is true, not what we want to be true. To make any progress in the life of the mind, you have to be able to make and recognize a good argument. So, on balance, the liberal arts are heavily mathematical. To make any progress in the life of the mind, you have to be able to make and recognize a good argument. It opens the mind in wonder to the beauty and order of God’s universe. Mathematics can also provide an excellent foundation for students considering professional degrees in such allied fields such as Law, Business Administration, or Medicine. Today I want to talk about one feature of the College’s curriculum that makes it quite distinct from other Catholic liberal arts colleges. If all of our efforts are directed toward the comprehension of divine truth, what led our founders to commit so much time and energy to math, a science and discipline so apparently other than theology? Mathematician10. Secondly, math strengthens and expands the ability to reason well. As the table below shows, the average (mean) test scores of students majoring in math are much higher than those in other programs, giving you a competitive edge when applying to a master's or doctoral program. COVID-19 Updates and Student Resources FAQs,'s 2016 rankings of the 200 best jobs, The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in math occupations will grow 28% between 2016-2026. We contemplate mathematical truth. Other highly-ranked jobs that benefit from a mathematical background included Software Engineer (#7), Computer Systems Analyst (#8), Biomedical Engineer (#14), Meteorologist (#16), Petroleum Engineer (#20), Physicist (#21), Economist (#24), Financial Analyst (#27), Accountant (#33), Environmental Engineer (#37), Civil Engineer (#38), Mechanical Engineer (#58), and Aerospace Engineer (#59). Because of its power and versatility, mathematics has often been called the "Queen of the Sciences." A Brief History of Thomas Aquinas College, Liberal Education, Its Parts and the Order Among Them, Liberal Education and the Christian Faith, The Present Need for Genuine Liberal Education, Liberal Education & the Preservation of the Political Order, The Place of the Liberal Arts in the Curriculum, Suzie Andres (’87) on What Every Catholic Should Know —. The healthy mind, on the other hand, knows that it knows some things and hungers to know more. But how do the liberal arts, especially the quadrivium, help to promote liberal education? Please enable scripts and reload this page. So math is required in college because you need to learn how to think at deeper, more effective levels, and like almost anything else, that requires practice. But the same thing could be said about many colleges, both now and in the past, that look or looked quite different from us in practice. An undergraduate degree in mathematics provides an excellent foundation for students who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics or in a related specialized profession. map: California | New England. According to the "Wall Street Journal," mathematician is considered the “Best Job of All Jobs;” followed closely by actuary (second) and statistician (third). Thomas Aquinas College aims at liberal education under the guidance of the Faith. Every university has general knowledge course requirements. As with the CareerCast ranking, math-intensive majors dominate the top spots on the list. All rights reserved. We want to help young minds make a good beginning on the road to wisdom. (source: 5 6 We […] Math is a model of clarity. This is why Plato would not allow any student into his academy who had not studied geometry. When I suggest that there is a beauty and harmony to be discovered in mathematics, I should point out that we do not proceed in the same way that students do in secondary school, by means of gross repetition and calculation. They are part of an ongoing series of talks in which Dr. Kelly explains why the College includes certain authors in its curriculum. When you look at it carefully, it is manifest when you have a real conclusion. Skepticism is simply not an option when presented with the clarity of mathematical demonstrations. A careful and continuous study of math will produce in the student a lively sense of what it means to make a cogent demonstration. Take theology or philosophy, for example. This is very difficult and takes sharp and careful reasoning. Why such difficult math? Source: "The Chronicle of Higher Education", Ball State University 2000 W. University Ave. Muncie, IN 47306 800-382-8540 and 765-289-1241. Indeed, freshman math has been called an “intellectual boot camp.” It is a challenging course, but it is very rewarding to see the students grow in confidence and ability through the year. Our wants, our desires, our appetites have nothing to do with the interior angles of a triangle being equal to two right angles. Secondly, math strengthens and expands the ability to reason well. The seven liberal arts divide into the trivium and the quadrivium. Actuary. It prepares the mind for a quantitative treatment of the natural world. Why math? Thirdly, mathematics opens the mind to the wonders of God’s creation. 4 Five MAA Alder Awards for Distinguished Teaching by a Beginning Faculty Member. College of Science and Health > Academics > Mathematical Sciences > About > Why Study Mathematics? When St. Augustine was thinking of converting, one of his biggest stumbling blocks was his sinfulness. It frees the student from the grip of skepticism. © 2020 Thomas Aquinas College Board of Governors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in math occupations will grow 28% between 2016-2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.

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